Inflatable Tube People Costume DIY

Category: Costume

This dancing air guy costume is surprisingly easy to make, and it’s a riot to wear.

What you need to make this project

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  • supplies
  • step-1
  • sleeve3
  • sleeve-4
  • sleeve-2
  • sleeve-1
  • mouth
  • eyes2
  • eyes1
  • eyes-and-mouth
  • body-2
  • body-1
  • arm-hole

Step One

Trace the top of the hamper onto the fabric. Add a one inch allowance, and cut out the circle. Hot glue the circle onto the top of the hamper.

Step Two

Cut the fabric so that it is at least one foot longer than your height. Wrap the fabric around the hamper and hot glue it in place.

Step Three

Try on the tube to determine where the arm holes and eyes need to go. Cut holes for the arms and eyes.

Step Four

Cut a piece of fabric so it is at least twice the length and width of your arms. Hot glue the edge of the fabric together. Turn the tube inside out. Make two tubes for the arms. Cut the holes for the arms. Hot glue them in place.

Step Five

Cut white circles for the eyes and hot glue them in place. Cut black circles for the eyes as well as a mouth. Hot glue them in place.

The white Oly-Fun fabric isn’t sheer enough for walking safely. I made small holes in the eyes later so I could move around without assistance.