Hammock Slipcover

Categories: Utility, Decor

Replacing the cover on an existing hammock can make an item that appears weather worn like new again. Follow simple step by steps to create your very own Hammock Slipcover in no time at all.

What you need to make this project

Poly-Fil Hi-Loft Batting
Outdoor Fabric - 6 yards for a standard hammock
Velcro® Home Decor Sew On Loop & Sticky Back™ Hook tape
Size 16 Sewing Machine Needles
Sewing Machine
Basic Sewing, Measuring, Cutting and Pressing Tools & Supplies

Quick Shop


Step One

Carefully measure the existing hammock, using the diagrams provided as a guide. Add two inches to the A and the B measurements. Using the new A and B measurements; cut out two rectangles from the hammock fabric. Cut out a rectangle from the batting using the new B measurement and the E measurement plus 2 inches. Note: When measuring A be sure to measure the entire length, including the fabric that wraps around the wood brace on the underside of the hammock.

Note: Detailed diagrams and step by step illustrations have been provided in the document Hammock Slipcover Illustrations

Hammock Slipcover Illustration

Step Two

With the wrong side of one of the hammock rectangles facing up, cover with the batting piece, centering it on top. Sew a row of basting length stitches across the top and bottom edges of the batting to attach it to the hammock fabric layer. Place the second hammock fabric layer right sides together under and stitch along both side edges using a 1 inch wide seam. Trim batting along seam line to remove excess bulk. See Diagram A.

Step Three

Stitch ½ inch in from the basting stitching; sewing through all layers of the fabric and batting. This will secure the batting between the two layers of the hammock fabric. Remove the basting stitches. Mark, then sew the three layers of fabric and batting together, spacing the rows vertically approximately 5 to 6 inches apart. See Diagram B.

Step Four

Using the D and the C measurements; draw ‘U’ shapes directly onto the fabric. Note: the shapes along either side will be a half ‘U’ shape. Top stitch along the drawn lines. Cut out the ‘U’ shapes; cutting just inside the drawn lines. The fabric left between the cutouts will now be referred to as the tabs. See Diagram C & D.

Step Five

Encase each of the ‘U’ shaped cutouts between the tabs using bias binding. The only end of the bias tape that will need to be finished will be along the outside edges of the hammock slipcover or the half ‘U’ shapes. In this case, turn under the raw edge of the bias binding prior to stitching. See Diagram E.

Step Six

Turn under each of the tab ends 1 inch and covering the raw edge with the loop end of the Velcro® tape. Sew Velcro® pieces across the width of each tab. Attach the hook end of the Velcro® tape to the wood bar on the existing hammock. Follow the directions carefully to achieve the best adhesion. See Diagram F.