Halloween Jack

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This Halloween Jack is  an easy pattern that will add whimsy to your fall décor. It is also a great gift for your friends and family.

What you need to make this project

12” x 30” piece of orange cotton print
Fat quarter (18” x 22”) of black cotton print
Scraps of gold cotton print for face
11" x 11" piece of Soft n Toasty Batting
Black embroidery floss
Brown button thread
Two ½” black buttons for eyes
Strip of purple cotton 1 ½” x 12” for hat band
Heat and Bond Lite
2 cups Poly-Pellets
12 oz. Poly-Fil Polyester Fiberfill
20mm rusty bell
2” rusty star
Poster board

Download Pattern

Hot glue gun and glue
Basic Sewing Supplies

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Step One

RSO = Right Side Out

RST = Right Sides Together Transfer the patterns to poster board.  The lines are the stitch lines, unless otherwise indicated.


Cut a piece of orange fabric 12” x 30”.  Stitch the 12” ends RST with a ¼” seam allowance.  Turn RSO and gather one end about ½” from edge.  Pull gathers tight, tie off and hot glue opening closed.  Hand-gather the other end ½” from the edge and pull up gathers slightly.  Put 2 cups of Poly Pellets into the bottom and stuff firmly with Fiberfill.  Pull up the gathers, leaving an opening about 3” in diameter.  Tie off and finish stuffing the head firmly.


Step Two


Trace the face on Heat and Bond Lite.  Cut out 1/8” from the traced lines.  Iron the pieces onto the gold fabric following manufacturer’s instructions.  Cut out the face pieces and iron them onto the front of the head (see photo for placement).  Using 2 strands of black embroidery floss, make stitches around each piece to secure them onto the face.  Sew ½” black buttons onto the eye pieces (see photo for placement).  Using a doubled piece of brown button thread, stitch indentations on both sides of the face by securing thread in the bottom and pulling tight across front and securing at the top of the head (see photo).

Step Three

Hat Brim

Cut a piece of Soft n Toasty batting about 11” x 11”.  Cut 2 pieces of black fabric 11” x 11”.  Put the black fabric pieces RST and put the batting piece underneath the black pieces.  Trace the curved part of the hat brim pattern on the black fabric stack.  Flip the pattern piece over on the straight line and trace the other side of the hat brim.  Pin the black fabric to the batting and stitch on the traced line.  Cut out close to stitching and clip the curves.  Being careful to only cut one layer, cut a slit in the top layer of black fabric 2” to 3” long in the center of the brim.  Turn RSO.  Cut a piece of wire 30” long.  Curl the ends into small loops and hook together.  Put the wire into hat brim through the slit.  Work the wire so it is all around the edge of the brim.  Pin the brim layers together close to the wire.  Top stitch around the edge of the brim about ¼” from the edge, encasing the wire in the brim.  This will allow you to produce waves in the hat brim by the bending the wire.

Step Four

Trace and stitch the hat top on the black fabric, RST, leaving open where indicated.  Cut out close to stitching and turn RSO.  Cut a piece of wire 20” long, fold in half and make small loops on the ends.  Put the wire into the hat top.  Sew the loops to the bottom of the side seams.  Lightly stuff the hat top.  Fold the raw edge of the hat top under ¼” and pin to the center of the hat brim, covering the slit.  Whip stitch the hat top to the hat brim with little stitches and black thread.  Hot glue the hat to the top of the head, covering the head opening.


Step Five


Cut a hat band from purple fabric 1 ½” x 2” and glue it around the hat.  Glue a 2” rusty star to the front of the hat band.  Sew a 20mm rusty bell to the hat tip.  Arrange hat as desired by bending the hat and brim.