Golden Unicorn Costume Mask

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This golden unicorn mask is a great last minute unisex costume, and for kids who love playing dress up. I chose metallic OlyFun paired with classic unicorn snow white OlyFun, but we all know unicorns can be any color we desire. This mask ties in the back, but you could add elastic instead. You could also replace the Structure Interfacing with Stiffen Interfacing, in the mask base layers, to make the mask stiff. Then, hot glue a dowel rod or stick to the back, for an hand held mask. I prefer the tie on method, as it can be used over the years, without worry about elastic fitting or losing stretch. I used OlyFun, which doesn’t fray and cuts like paper, making it perfect for detailed masks. Metallic OlyFun comes in 4 colors, and regular OlyFun comes in 18 colors, making for lots of color combinations. OlyFun can be painted, drawn on with fabric markers, and embellished using Beacon Gem-Tac or Fabri-Tac glues.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun in Snow White
OlyFun in Metallic Gold
OlyFun in Metallic Rose Gold
OlyFun in Metallic Silver
Stiffen Fusible Interfacing
Structure Fusible Interfacing
White thread
Tan thread
Grey thread
Paper mask blank
Construction paper
Clear quilting ruler
Self healing cutting mat
Xacto knife
Sewing machine

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Step One

Everyone has different sized faces, so I want this to be customizable. There’s instructions on how to make your own custom mask shape, in my Sugar Skull Mask tutorial. If you don’t have the time or patience to make a custom fitted mask, grab a mask blank template from the internet or a craft store, and trace it onto a piece of construction paper. This is perfectly fine too. For this unicorn mask, I traced my Sugar Skull Mask, and altered the shape to be more horse like, by creating a snout and slanted eyes. Use the self healing mat and xacto knife to cut out the eye holes.

Step Two

For the ears, I drew curved shapes, mimicking real horse ears, and keeping in mind I’ll fold them later. I drew a slanted oval for the nostrils. For the horn, I drew a triangle, rounded the bottom, drew even diagonal lines and curved the sides for a spiral effect. For the eyelashes, I traced the eye shape, and drew a curved spiky shape. Remember, the simpler the shapes, the easier to cut out and sew. Cut all the pattern pieces out and label them. Use the self healing mat and xacto knife to cut out the eye holes.

  • golden-unicorn-costume-mask-4

Step Three

Trace and cut out the pattern pieces according to this list. Trace on the back of metallic OlyFun. Use the self healing mat and xacto knife to cut out the eye holes. Make sure to reverse the pattern when cutting a 2nd shape.

  • Mask base – 2 Snow White OlyFun, 1 Structure
  • Horn – 2 Gold OlyFun, 1 Stiffen
  • Ears – 2 Snow White OlyFun, 2 Silver OlyFun, 2 Structure
  • Eyelashes – 2 Rose Gold OlyFun
  • Nostrils – 2 Gold OlyFun
  • golden-unicorn-costume-mask-2

Step Four

Load the sewing machine with white thread. Layer each ear Silver OlyFun, Structure Interfacing, and Snow White OlyFun. Lightly pin around the edges. Sew around the ears, about 1/8″ from the edge. Fold a ear in half at the bottom, with the silver on the inside. Sew the bottom together. Repeat for other ear.

  • golden-unicorn-costume-mask-3

Step Five

On the back of Silver OlyFun, draft two rectangles 1″ by 24″ long (long enough to tie). Cut out rectangles. One at a time, fold pieces lengthwise and hand press to crease. With grey thread, stitch the fold closed. I zigzag stitched, but straight stitching would have been better. Repeat for other rectangle, to make a 2nd tie.

  • golden-unicorn-costume-mask-5

Step Six

Layer the mask base, White OlyFun, Structure Interfacing, and White OlyFun. Insert the ears and ties behind the Structure layer, pinning in place. Pin around the outer edge. Sew the mask base, about 1/8″ from the edge. Backstitch where the ears and ties are, to secure them well. Do not sew the eye holes.

  • golden-unicorn-costume-mask-6

Step Seven

Switch to tan thread. Trim the Stiffen Interfacing horn down 1/4″ around all edges, so it won’t stick out from the gold horn. Layer the horn, Gold OlyFun, Stiffen, Gold OlyFun. Stitch around the horn, 1/8″ from the edge. Stitch diagonally to connect the spiral points. Lay the horn about 1″ down from the top, centered between the two horns. Stitch in place, following the previous stitching lines.

  • golden-unicorn-costume-mask-7

Step Eight

Pin the eyelash pieces to the eyeholes. Stitch around the eyehole, about 1/8″ from the edge, catching all layers. Stitch around the eyelash pieces, following all the points carefully.

  • golden-unicorn-costume-mask-8

Step Nine

Stitch the nostrils in place.