Golden Moon Phases Garland

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Add a little science magic to your home with this golden moon phases garland. This garland uses layers of OlyFun in Rose Gold, Black and Silver. This would also look great in Gold OlyFun. OlyFun comes in 18 colors and 4 metallics, for a multitude of color combinations. I used Mod Podge Matte to glue the layers together. This makes the OlyFun very smooth during sewing. OlyFun doesn’t fray and cuts like paper, making it perfect for artistic projects like this garland. I made this a jumbo sized garland, but it can be made smaller if desired. The new moons are stylized, to include rose gold OlyFun, but they could be left solid black instead. I used silver on the back, so if any moon spun around, it would be metallic on both sides. This garland is great as a decoration for mantles, parties, classrooms, dorm rooms, and anywhere else that needs a little science magic.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun in Metallic Rose Gold
OlyFun in Jet Black
OlyFun in Metallic Silver
Tan thread
5 Sheets of construction paper
Mod Podge Matte
Foam brush
Wax paper
Heavy books
Chalk pencil
Sewing machine

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Step One

On the construction paper with the compass, draft one big circle per sheet of paper. I made mine as big as I could, but any size will work. One will be the full moon, so set that one aside. For a half moon, with a ruler and pencil, divide one circle in half. For a new moon, on another circle, with the compass, draft a center circle, about 1″ smaller than the previous circle. For the Gibbous moon, move the compass about 1″ in from the center, increasing the compass width a tiny bit. Draft half a circle, overlapping the previous circle. For the crescent moon, decrease the compass a little bit. About 3″ away from the circle edge, draft a half circle that intersects with the bigger circle towards the opposite side. Label the patterns with the moon types. Cut out the 5 moon patterns with scissors.

  • Golden Moon Phases Garland 1
  • Golden Moon Phases Garland 2

Step Two

On the back of rose gold OlyFun, trace the patterns.

  • 1 Full moon
  • 2 New moon
  • 2 Gibbous moon
  • 2 Half moon
  • 2 Crescent moon

Cut out the 9 moons with scissors.

Step Three

Cover the work surface with wax paper. Rip 10 sheets of wax paper about 1″ bigger than a full moon. Cut 9 squares of Jet Black OlyFun about 3″ bigger than a full moon. Match up 1 black square per moon.

  • Golden Moon Phases Garland 3
  • Golden Moon Phases Garland 4

Step Four

Flip a moon over, gold side down. Dip the foam brush into the Mod Podge Matte. Generously coat the moon back with Mod Podge, making sure it’s evenly covered and saturated. Place the moon, glue side down, onto a Jet Black OlyFun square. Smooth out any air bubbles. Lay this glued moon aside. Place a piece of wax paper on top. Set heavy books in top, making sure to cover the full black square. Repeat the gluing and pressing with each moon, black square, and wax paper square. Keep the moons pressed for a couple hours, to make sure they are adhering flat. The moons will not dry well without air. After a couple hours, remove the books. Lay the glued moons out on a work surface to completely dry. This can take several hours. Dispose of the gluey wax paper.

Step Five

Cover the work surface in wax paper again. Cut 9 squares of Silver OlyFun about the same size as the Jet Black Squares. Rip 10 more wax paper squares. Pair up the moons, silver squares, and wax paper squares.

  • Golden Moon Phases Garland 5

Step Six

Apply a generous coat of glue to the grey side a silver square. Center a glued moon on top and press firmly. Lay the OlyFun sandwich aside. Lay a wax paper square on top of the fabric sandwich. Lay books on top again. Repeat this set for each silver square and glued moon. Again, let these stay pressed for a couple hours. After that time, remove from pressing, and let air dry.

Step Seven

Center the full moon pattern onto a moon. Trace around the pattern with a chalk pencil, only where the black OlyFun is exposed. Repeat for each moon, except the full moon.

  • Golden Moon Phases Garland 7

Step Eight

Load the sewing machine with tan thread. Set the stitch length to 4.0. Sew around the moon, and along the chalk drawn partial curve.

  • Golden Moon Phases Garland 8

Step Nine

With scissors, cut around the sewn moon circle, about 1/4″ away from the edge. Remove any noticeable glue with a wet cloth. The glue is just to stabilize the OlyFun long enough to sew it smoothly.

  • Golden Moon Phases Garland 9

Step Ten

From Jet Black OlyFun, cut eight rectangles 2″ x 3″ and 2 rectangles 2″ x 6″.

  • Golden Moon Phases Garland 10

Step Eleven

Put the moons in order of cycle. At the sewing machine, attach the moons with the 2″ x 3″ rectangles. I attached mine at the middle edge of each moon. However, the garland would hang better with the small rectangles sewn. towards the upper half.

  • Golden Moon Phases Garland 12

Step Twelve

Fold the 6″ x 3″ rectangles in half. Sew one folded rectangle to each end moon.