Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband

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Spring and Easter are weeks away, but I’m getting ready for both! Bunny crafts have infiltrated my mind and house. We can’t have a good Spring celebration without someone wearing bunny ears! I used a combination of Bubble Gum OlyFun and the new gold metallic OlyFun, to create cheerful ears. In between the layers is a piece of Stiffen Two-Sided Interfacing, to keep the ears perky. No floppy bunny ears here! The ears are securely attached to a gold wrapped headband, for easy wearing.  I added a simple white polka dot pattern to the Bubble Gum OlyFun sections, for an extra design element. You can add any simple pattern in any colors. OlyFun comes in 18 colors and 4 metallics, so you can make your bunny rabbit ears in any desired color combo. OlyFun cuts like paper, and doesn’t fray, making it great for many projects.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun Metallic in Gold
OlyFun in Bubble Gum
Stiffen Two-Sided Interfacing
Construction paper
Pink thread
Tan thread
White fabric paint
1" Wide white blank plastic headband
Pencil or pen
Paper scissors
Fabric scissors
Sewing machine
Adhesive Technologies Two-Temperature Full Size Cordless Glue Gun
Adhesive Technologies Multi Temperature Full Size Glue

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  • Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband 1

Step One

With the pen and drafting ruler, draw a 3.5″ x 9″. Cut it out with paper scissors. Draw a line down the center lengthwise. Draw a line widthwise, 2″ up from the bottom. In the section above that line, draw a bunny ear on one half. It should curve at the top, and taper towards the bottom. Stop the taper at the bottom line. Draw the taper line straight down. To make the ear symmetrical, fold it in half along the centerline, and cut along that bunny ear line. Unfold and you’ll have a perfectly symmetrical line. Tweak the shape as needed.

  • Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband 2

Step Two

For the ear center, trace half of the bunny ear onto another piece of construction paper. With the pen, draw an elliptical oval about 1″ in from the ear outline. Again, for perfect symmetry, fold the paper in half, along the centerline, and cut out along the new outline.

Step Three

Trace the bunny ear outer 4 times on the back of Gold OlyFun, and 2 times onto Stiffen interfacing. Trace the bunny ear inner 2 times on Bubble Gum Olyfun. Cut the pieces out with fabric scissors.

  • Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband 3

Step Four

Lay pink piece on one gold piece, centered in the ear section. Pin lightly along the pink edge. Load the sewing machine with pink thread. Lengthen your stitch to 3.5. Sew the pink onto the gold, about 1/8″ from the edge.

  • Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband 5

Step Five

Trim the Stiffen interfacing ears about 1/4″ smaller. Switch the thread to tan, on the sewing machine. Put a gold back piece with a gold and pink top piece, white sides facing. Pin lightly along the edge, if desired. Start stitching around one side and top, leaving the bottom straight area without stitching. Before finishing stitching the ear, slip in a Stiffen ear, between the layers. Trim more off the Stiffen ear, if needed, for a good fit. Finish stitching down the side, still leaving the bottom straight section, without stitches. Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of the stitching.

Repeat this step for the 2nd ear.

  • Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband 5

Step Six

Dip the handle end of a paintbrush into white fabric paint. Press the handle end onto the top of a pink ear section. This technique makes even sized polka dots. Dip the handle end back into the paint before making each dot. Make even dots on the pink section of both ears. I picked dots, but thin stripes, or dash marks would look good too.

Step Seven

Add a Adhesive Technologies Multi Temperature Full Size Glue stick to the glue gun. Plug in the Adhesive Technologies Two-Temperature Full Size Cordless Glue Gun, with it set to low temp. I only used half of one stick for this project. I set my glue gun on a silicone mat, for easy clean up of any cooled hot glue drips. Thankfully, this gun doesn’t drip on the low temp setting.

  • Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband 6

Step Eight

Cut 2-3 long 1/2″ wide strips, from Gold OlyFun. Starting at one end of the headband, squeeze a little glue on the back. Press one end of the a gold strip onto the glue, at an upward angle. Squeeze a little glue on the front, tightly wrap the gold strip, and press it into the glue. Continue in this manner, overlapping the strip and adding more glue, as you wrap. Add another strip on the back, when the previous strip runs out, for a seamless front. To finish, glue on two rectangles of gold OlyFun, to the ends.

  • Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband 7

Step Nine

Trim the Stiffen interfacing down, to where the taper ends and the flaps begin. Open the ear flaps at the bottom. Add a bead of hot glue along the cut down Stiffen. Quickly place it on the headband. Add more hot glue to the headband, wrapping the flaps around to the back. I should have made mine longer, but if you make them 2″ long each, they should overlap on the back well. Repeat for the 2nd ear.

  • Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband 8

Step Ten

For extra security, glue and wrap a gold strip over and around the ear flaps. This is kind of tricky, so I’ll make it optional.

Step Eleven

Put the finished ears on your favorite little bunny.
Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband 9