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This black and gold geometric pillow is a great way to spruce up a home, just in time for end of the year holidays. Keeping with the same colors, black and gold, I was able to combine different prints into the same pillow design. Black and gold might not be in your home decor palette, so please pick fabrics that suit your style. This pillow is stuffed with Poly-Fil Premium Fiber Fill, but you could use a pillow form instead. My pillow measures about 30″x30″.

What you need to make this project

Poly-Fil Premium Fiber Fill
Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing
4-6 Black and Gold printed cotton fabrics
Solid black denim
Black thread
Clear quilting ruler
White pencil or chalk
Sewing machine
Ironing board
Hand sewing needle

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  • gold-and-black-geometric-pillow-2

Step One

This pillow doesn’t follow the fabric grain lines, but the print direction, to create an interesting geometric design. I cut my pieces to fit a design layout, butting up the pieces, vs making patterns with seam allowance. You can make paper pattern pieces 1st,  if desired. However, for my method, I fussy cut the pieces, and squared the outside edges later.

  • gold-and-black-geometric-pillow-3

Step Two

Load the sewing machine with black thread. With right sides facing, straight stitch the smaller fabric pieces together, 1/2″ from the edge. Topstitch along each seam. Sew the connected smaller pieces to the biggest piece, 1/2″ from the edge. Topstitch along that seam.

Step Three

For more durability, iron Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing to the back of the geometric panel. For added security, topstitch around each geometric fabric piece, where there isn’t already topstitching. I skipped this step, because I forgot to do it, before sewing the denim on. I normally add Smooth to keep the fabric from wrinkling and the pillow shape more stable.

  • gold-and-black-geometric-pillow-4

Step Four

Lay the geometric panel face down onto the denim. Cut the denim slightly larger than the geometric panel. With the quilting ruler and chalk, square up the geometric panel. A t-square is handy for this step too.

  • gold-and-black-geometric-pillow-5

Step Five

Pin the geometric panel and denim together. Stitch around the pieces, 1/2″ from the edge, leaving a 6″ gap along one side’s middle. Trim away the excess denim. Trim the corners.

  • gold-and-black-geometric-pillow-6

Step Six

Turn the pillow casing inside out. Shape the corners with a blunt pointed object. I recommend a chopstick.

  • gold-and-black-geometric-pillow-7

Step Seven

Stuff the pillow to desired fullness. Make sure to poke stuffing into the corners.

  • gold-and-black-geometric-pillow-8
  • gold-and-black-geometric-pillow-9

Step Eight

Pin the opening closed. Thread a hand sewing needle with black thread. Stitch the opening shut using a blind hem stitch. This creates a seam that blends into the machine stitching. When the hand stitch is complete, knot off the thread. Run the needle under the stitching line about 3″ across. Pull the needle up. Cut the excess thread. This helps hide the knot and keep it more secure.