Glam Party Favor Bag

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Make a shiny, sparkly glam favor bag for your next party or event!  Die cuts plus Aluminor make this no-sew project quick and easy.  Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift in this beautiful little bag?

Glam Party Bag

What you need to make this project

Aluminor - Silver
Kreinik Metallic Bag O' Bits
Eileen Hull Sizzix Die - Gift Bag
Pom Pom Maker
Glue Gun

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Step One

Part 1:  Make the pom poms!

Stretch a piece of string across the base of the pom pom maker, and use the slots in the plastic to hold it in place.

Wrap the pom pom maker until it is full.  The more string you use, the fuller your pom pom will be.

Remove the base string from the plastic slots and tie tightly to hold the string together.

Cut along the slit on the pom pom maker.  Fluff the string to make a ball shape.IMG_3899 IMG_3900 IMG_3901 IMG_3902 IMG_3904

Step Two

Part 2: Make the bag!

Die cut the bag from the silver Aluminor.

Fold along the etched lines and use hot glue to attach the tabs together.

Punch a hole in the sides of the bag, and use trim to make a handle.


IMG_3905 IMG_3906 IMG_3907 IMG_3912

Step Three

Part 3: Put it all together!

Use the hot glue gun to attach the metallic pom poms to the top edge of the bag. I recommend using gloves so you don’t burn your fingers!IMG_3913 IMG_5410