Gifts for Girls: Simple Projects to Make and Give

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Handmade gifts are the best! Recipients will be delighted that you made something especially for them. These four gift ideas are fairly quick to make and since you are DIYing it you can make it match the personality of the recipient.

What you need to make this project

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  • Squishy Step 1
  • Squishy Step 2
  • Squishy Step 3
  • Squishy Step 4
  • Squishy Step 5
  • Squishy In Jar 1

Step One

Squishy in a Jar

Trim the shape as desired using sharp scissors. I left one as-is and trimmed the smaller one to look like a cupcake.

Spread fabric paint on the parchment paper, and press the foam onto it. I found this to be the fastest way to add just the right amount of paint to the Squishy Foam. Use a brush to touch up any areas that are missing color. Let the paint dry completely.

Use fabric paint to add details to the foam characters. I added eyes, a bow, and sprinkles on the cupcake.

When the paint is dry, squish the foam character into a plastic container. Add a ribbon and tag for gift giving.

Here are some more ways you can decorate your Squishy Foam:


  • Banner Step 1
  • Banner Step 2
  • Banner Step 3
  • Banner Step 4
  • Banner Step 5
  • Banner Step 6
  • Banner 2

Step Two

Colorful Name Banner

Unroll the Oly-Fun fabric and cut pieces that are 12 inches wide. The fabric will be 4-ply if you leave it as it is on the roll.

Trim on one end to create a fringe, as pictured.

Separate the sheets of Oly-Fun. Start at one end and begin rolling the fabric. Use the silver string to tie the end that is not cut. Repeat with all the colors.

Arrange the Oly-Fun pom poms as desired. Use a long piece of silver string to make the banner. I pulled the long string through the tied strings, then used a dot of hot glue to keep the pom pom from sliding around.

Use a die cutting machine to cut letters from the metallic Oly-Fun fabric. You can also trace and cut the letters instead.

Arrange and hot glue the letters on the banner.

  • Slippers Step 1
  • Slippers Step 2
  • Slippers Step 3
  • Slippers Step 4
  • Slippers Step 5
  • Slippers Step 6
  • Slippers Diy 1

Step Three

Salon-style Slippers DIY

Use a flip flop to trace the base of the slipper on the Stiffen interfacing. Trace the same shape on the foam and the fabric, and cut all the pieces out.

Measure the length of the strap on the flip flop and add an inch. Cut a piece of fabric that is 4 inches wide by (in my case) 8 inches long. Cut a smaller piece for the toe section (approximately 2 inches by 4 inches).

Fold the small rectangle of fabric inside out and sew the edge shut. Flip the piece inside out.

Fold the large rectangle of fabric inside out, and pin the toe divider piece from the previous step inside it. Sew the edge together, and flip it inside out.

Pin the upper section of the slipper to the base of the slipper.

Start by sewing the upper section in place. Sew through the fabric, foam, and Stiffen to join all the pieces.

Sew around the edges of the slipper to join the three parts of the base together.

  • Monogram Pillow Step 1
  • Monogram Pillow Step 2
  • Monogram Pillow Step 3
  • Monogram Pillow Step 4
  • Monogram Pillow Step 5
  • Set 1

Step Four

Furry Monogram Pillow with Pocket

Use a ruler and marker to draw the letter on the back of the fur fabric. You can print the letter if desired. I used a ruler to make the shape almost 22 inches tall and made each section 7 inches wide. Cut the letter from two pieces of fur fabric, making one backwards for the back of the pillow.

Cut a strip of cuddle fabric to make the inside of the pillow. Cut an opening in part of the fur fabric and pin the cuddle fabric over it.

Pin the two sides together, with the cuddle fabric, and sew around all of the edges, leaving one section open.

Flip the fabric inside out and adjust as needed.

Fill the pillow with Poly-Fill to make it extra fluffy and soft.