Giant Fluffy Snowman DIY

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Giant Fluffy Snowman DIY

Create a whimsical, fluffy snowman to decorate with this holiday season! This large snowy pal is nearly 4 feet tall, making it great for decorating large spaces.

What you need to make this project

Poly-Fil® Premium Fiber Fill 10 pound Box
Poly-Fil® Poly Pellets® Weighted Stuffing Beads 6 pound Bag
White Fleece (3 yards)
Red Felt (36" x 72")
18 inch wood circle
36" Dowel Rod
Strong Cord or Twine
Staple Gun
Glue Gun
Paper Cone & Orange Felt
Assorted Ornament

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Poly-Fil® Poly Pellets® Weighted Stuffing Beads 6 pound Bag


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Poly-Fil® Premium Fiber Fill 10 pound Box


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Step One

Use a piece of fleece that is 54 inches wide and 60 inches tall. We are going to create a drawstring on one side of the fabric. Lay the cord/twine on one of the long edges of the fabric. Fold over the top edge of the long side of the fabric. Glue or stitch the edge of the fold to create a “holder” for the cord/twine.

Step Two

Fold the fabric with the right sides together. Stitch the side together, but leave the bottom open.

Step Three

Place the fabric “tube” over the dowel rod with the drawstring on top and the unfinished edge on the bottom.

Staple the unfinished edge onto the wood circle base.

Step Four

Fill Ziploc bags with the Poly-Pellets and tape them to the wood base.

This will weigh down the base and keep the snowman from toppling over easily.

Step Five

Begin filling the base with fluffy Poly-Fil Fiber Fill. When the body if full enough, cinch the drawstring top together and tie it tightly shut around the dowel rod.

Step Six

To make the head, cut a 46″ square, then round the edges slightly.

Create a drawstring all around the edges. It is similar to making a fabric yoyo.

Pull the cord to create a ball-like shape. Begin stuffing it with Poly-Fil.


Step Seven

Glue decorative branches onto the body to make the arms, then slide the head, drawstring down, onto the dowel rod. Tie the string tightly onto the rod.

Step Eight

Cut a length of red felt to fit around the head. Mine was 47 inches long. Glue the long side together to make a tube. Cut fringe on one end. The fringe is 8 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Tie the cord/twine under the fringe to create a pom pom for the hat.

Fold up the other side to create a cuff for the cap, and slide it onto the snowman’s head. Use dots of hot glue to hold it in place.

Step Nine

Cut the felt to create a scarf to tie on. Embellish the face with buttons and a paper cone that has been covered with orange felt.

Use various ornaments to embellish the snowman. I used a clip on ornament to decorate the scarf, and added candy ornaments to the stick arms.