Geometric Metallic Ombre Pillow

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Geometrics, metallics, and ombre are all big current trends. I combined them to create a chic pillow using metallic OlyFunRobert Kaufman canvas in grey, and PolyFil. Silver, gold, and rose gold OlyFun creates a pretty metallic ombre. The triangle geometric is imprecise and fit together like a loose puzzle. I used thread that matched the canvas, so the stitches blended in better when sewing each triangle with a continuous thread. This is an advanced sewing project, since you’ll be sewing without pinning your pieces and quickly adding each triangle while on the machine. Metallic OlyFun is a metallic foil over OlyFun, so stitch and straight pin holes will show. It’s not as forgiving as normal OlyFun or cotton, in that aspect. Take your time, and be as precise as possible. I stuffed this pillow with Poly-Fil. For a less messy option, size your pillow to any of the many pillow inserts.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun Metallic in Silver
OlyFun Metallic in Gold
OlyFun Metallic in Rose Gold
Poly-Fil Premium Fiber Fill 32 Ounce Bag
(OPTIONAL) Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing
1 yard Robert Kaufman canvas in grey
Dark grey thread
Clear quilting ruler
Straight pins
Hand sewing needle
Ironing board
Sewing machine

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Step One

With the clear quilting ruler and scissors, square off two pieces of canvas, 22″ x 22″ each. Iron the canvas smooth.

Step Two

I realized later, that adding a layer of Smooth fusible fleece interfacing to the back of each canvas piece, would have added a little more stability to the canvas. Cut two pieces of Smooth 22″ x 22″. Fuse the Smooth to the canvas, glue side down, with a dry iron on the cotton setting.

  • Geometric Metallic Ombre Pillow 5

Step Three

Cut various sized triangles from Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold OlyFun. I found that bigger triangles were easier to sew than smaller triangles. The bigger the triangle, the more canvas surface it covers. I cut a few triangles before sewing, and cut more while sewing to fill in certain spaces.

  • Geometric Metallic Ombre Pillow 1

Step Four

Load your sewing machine with grey thread. Extend the stitch length a little. Mine was set at 3.5. Pick a piece of canvas as the pillow top. Leave an 1″ perimeter around the canvas, free of stitching, to make sewing the seams easier later. I started at one corner, in from that 1″ perimeter, sewing triangles in rows, filling in spaces with triangles and leaving spaces between each triangle. Think of it like a mosaic, where the triangles are tiles and the canvas is the grout. Stitch around one triangle. Without backstitching and cutting the thread, place and sew another triangle beside the previous triangle. Continue sewing new triangles onto the canvas, until the bobbin thread runs out. Refill the bobbin, and continue sewing triangles until the pillow top is covered.

  • Geometric Metallic Ombre Pillow 2

Step Five

Place the canvas squares right sides together. Machine stitch around the 4 sides, about 1/2″ from the edge, leaving a gap at least 6″ wide. Trim the corners, making sure not to cut through the stitching. Turn the pillowcase inside out, through the gap. Shape the corners with a small pointed object. I always use a chopstick.

NOTE: If you are using a pillow insert, leave a wider gap. Sew only a few inches on each corner of that side. The corners will have a better shape later.

  • Geometric Metallic Ombre Pillow 3

Step Six

Stuff the pillow with Poly-Fil. Make sure the corners are stuffed well, to maintain their shape. I reach my hand inside and smooth out the top and bottom layers. No one wants a lumpy pillow. If you’re using a pillow insert, stuff it inside the pillowcase. Make sure it’s smoothed and filling the pillowcase well.

  • Geometric Metallic Ombre Pillow 4

Step Seven

Turn in the edges of the gap, to be equal with the sewn seams. Using straight pins, close the gap.

  • Geometric Metallic Ombre Pillow 7

Step Eight

Cut a long piece of grey thread. Thread your hand sewing needle. Match the two ends and double knot them together. Close the gap using an invisible stitch. If you’re unfamiliar with this stitch, this video is helpful. An invisible stitch seam mimic a machine sewn seam. If done well, this hand sewn seam should blend in with the machine sewn seams.