Furry Plush Friend Tutorial

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This furry plush friend was inspired by my new guinea pig, Ozzy. We love his crazy hair that sprouts all over the place! These plush little furballs are simple enough for kids and beginning sewists to make. Poly-Pellets make the perfect filler for these little plushies! Carry them, toss them around, or stack them for loads of furry fun.

What you need to make this project

Poly-Fil® Poly Pellets® Weighted Stuffing Beads
Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Sky Blue
Fur Fabric
Plastic Animal Eyes

Download Pattern

Ziploc Bag
Needle & Thread

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Step One

  1. Download and print my free template.
  2. Trace the body and tail on the back of the fur fabric.
  3. Cut the fur fabric using a craft knife.
  4. Cut small holes to insert the animal eyes onto the body.
  5. Sew around the edge of the circle, like you would to make a fabric yoyo. Pull the string tight to make the ball for the body.
  6. Place a ziploc bag in the body cavity and fill it with Poly-Pellets. Stitch the opening closed.
  7. Sew the tail by folding the fabric together and stitching along the open side. Sew the tail onto the body.
  8. Cut the ears from Oly-Fun Fabric. Sew them onto the furry friend.

Please see the video above for step by step visuals to make your furry friend.

furry friends