Furry Bench Stool

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Who wouldn’t want to come home from a long day and relax on this luxurious ottoman? Kick off your shoes, grab your favorite books or magazines and sit a while. Learn how easy it is to make your own furry stool or ottoman.IMG_5775

What you need to make this project

Soft Support Foam Tuffet
Poly-Fil Batting
Shannon Fabric's Arctic Fox Fur
Thrifted Stool
Silver Spray Paint
Staple Gun

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Foam Tuffet 18″ x 18″ x 6″ thick


Price: $49.99

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Step One

IMG_4228 step 1Remove the top of the stool. This usually just involves unscrewing the base of the cushioned top.

Spray paint the base of the stool with metallic silver spray paint.


Step Two

kit step 3 step 3b step 4Glue the foam tuffet the the wood base. Both items come in the tuffet kit.

Lay the batting, which came with the kit, on your work surface. Place the tuffet on the batting, foam side down. Fold the batting over the wood and use the staple gun to hold it in place. When you are done, trim off the excess batting.

Step Three

step 5 step 6Cut a piece of the fur fabric so that it fits the tuffet. (For fur cutting tips, see THIS post at Shannon Fabrics.) As you did with the batting, staple the fur onto the wood base of the tuffet. I chose to cut my fabric so I could cover the entire bottom of the tuffet.

Place the stand with the legs on the wood side of the tuffet. Because of the thickness of the fur, I couldn’t use the screws that the stool came with originally. Instead, I used nails and hammered them in place.