Furniture Flip: Dental Chair Turned into Posh Lounger

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Furniture Flip
This retro find sat in my garage for over a year. People would visit and ask “is that an old dentist chair? What are you going to do with it.” My answer was always the same: I’m going to make it sexy. I decided to make the most luxe, eye catching, plush lounger anyone has ever seen. This seat is gorgeous now, and so very comfortable, too. It’s perfect for reclining in front of the TV and relaxing in style.

What you need to make this project

Cushion Foam 24" x 72" x .5"
Dentist Chair
Shannon Fabrics Faux Leopard Fur
Staple Gun
Black Spray Paint
Craft Razor

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Step One

Wipe down the chair well to remove dust and dirt from all the surfaces.
Furniture FlipFurniture Flip
Spray paint the metal portions of the dental chair with black paint.
Furniture Flip

Step Two

Remove the top and back cushions from the seat by unscrewing them from the frame.
Furniture Flip
Trace a piece of Soft Support Cushion Foam to fit the chair back.
Trace the chair back onto the reverse side of the fur fabric. Add a 2 inch allowance for one tracing, and trace the other one the same size as the chair back.
Use a craft knife to cut the backing of the fur fabric. This helps reduce the mess factor a ton!
Place the larger fabric cut right side down on your work surface with the foam on top. Place the seat back on top with the back side facing you.
Furniture Flip
Pull the fabric tightly over the seat back. It has a wood frame so you can staple the fabric right onto the back.
Furniture Flip
Trim off the excess fabric and place the second fabric cut over the back. Staple it in place.
Furniture Flip

Step Three

Furniture Flip
Trim a piece of foam to fit the chair bottom. Staple it in place.
Furniture Flip
Smooth the fur fabric over the cushion on the seat bottom. Pull the fabric tightly to the underside of the seat, which is wood. Staple the fabric in place. Trim off excess the fabric as needed.
Furniture Flip

Step Four

Trace the head rest onto the foam and the fabric. Cut two pieces of foam as well as two pieces of fabric.
Furniture Flip
Stitch the sides and edges of the fabric together. Slide the fabric over the head rest and place the foam pieces inside the “case”. Hand stitch the open end closed.
Furniture Flip

Step Five

Furniture Flip
Reattach the chair back and the head rest to the chair using the original screws. Cut openings in the fabric to make it easier to drill the screws into the pieces.
Furniture Flip