Fur Tree Toppers

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We love love love these faux fur trees. They are so easy to create and make and such a statement. We used three different white furs from Shannon Fabrics but you can let your imagination run wild and use any fabric or embellish that you wish. The pattern can easily be adjusted to make trees anywhere from 6 inches to 6 feet.

What you need to make this project

1 yd. White long faux fur fabric for Large tree
3/4 yd. White short faux fur for the medium size tree
1/2 yd. White medium faux fur fabric for the small tree
32 oz Poly-fil fiber fill
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine
Basic sewing supplies

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Step One

Please note: When cutting any type of you will need to cut it from the back as to not cut off too much fur. That is why we ask you to trace the template on both the front and back of the folded fabric.


For the medium size fur tree. Lay fabric on the table with right side facing up. Starting at one of the corner points fold the fabric in diagonally on the bias creating a triangle. Create a template from the diagram below and lay it on top lining it up with the fold and trace.


Pin together just to hold it in place. Flip over and trace the template again. Unpin and cut out the shape from the back of the fur. Refold with right sides facing in, pin and sew from bottom to top along the flat straight edge using 1/2 inch seam allowance and tucking the fur as you go.


Tip: To get a nice point on the top of the tree make sure you trim the seam allowance before you turn it right side out.

Turn right side out.



Step Two

For the Large tree use the same process with the longest length fur and measurements of 25″ in length and 15″ in width.







Step Three

For the small tree use the same process with the mid-length fur and measurements of 15″ in length and 10 1/2 ” in width.


Step Four

Place the Poly-fil fiber fill around the base of the trees to look like freshly fallen snow.