Fur Throw

Categories: Bedding, Decor, Quilts, Bohemian

Add piazza to any room with this fun and flirty throw. Made from wonderful pink faux fur it’s sure to make a statement. Use it as a throw on a chair or bed or even to change the look of your favorite ottoman or bench. There are so many stylish faux fur fabrics out the possibilities are endless. These easy directions will have you wanting to make one for all your friends and they also make great personalized gifts.

What you need to make this project

2 Nature-Fil Bamboo Batting 60" x 60"
41” X 56” Denim Fabric DL-830- Fabric.com
41” X 56” Piece- Curly Yak Fur Rosewood- Shannon Fabrics
White All-Thread

Download Pattern

Fiskars Razor Edge 8” Scissors
Fiskars Titanium Rotary Cutter
Fiskars Cutting Mat 24” x 36”
Fiskars Folding Acrylic Ruler 6 X 24
Sewing Machine
Straight Pins

Quick Shop


Step One

Cut the denim and batting to the required sizes. 43” X 58” batting, 41” X 56” for the denim fabric using the rotary cutter, acrylic ruler and mat.


Step Two

Place the denim fabric (right side out) on top of the batting leaving a 1” border of batting around the denim. Pin in place.

Step Three

This blanket features a checkerboard machine quilted pattern on the denim side.

Step Four

Begin by stitching rows across the width of the denim fabric.  Rows should be 3” to 4” apart.

Step Five

Turn the direction of the denim to stitch length-wise. Stitch rows down the length spaced 3” to 4” apart. Trim excess batting off. Remove any remaining pins.

Cut the fur to measure 41” x 56” using the scissors only for fur.  Follow the fur cutting instructions downloaded earlier

Step Six

Stack the fabrics in this order from the bottom to the top.


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Step Seven

Follow the downloaded instructions for sewing fur. Be sure to tuck the fur inside before sewing. This will yield a beautiful furry edge. Keep a 10” opening to turn the blanket right side out. Sew blanket together.

Step Eight

Hand stitch opening closed.

Fluff the fur by shaking the blanket gently.