Fur-riffic Lounge Chair

Category: Bedding

Create a super cozy lounger to hang out in!  Back to school season will be here before you know it, and the tweens and teens in your life will be delighted with this Pottery Barn Teen inspired lounge chair.  It’s fur-riffic!

Create a super cozy lounger to hang out in! Back to school season will be here soon, and the teens and tweens in your life will love this chair.

What you need to make this project

Poly-Fil Pillow Insert 24x24 inches
Soft Touch Neck Roll Pillow (2)
Shannon Fabric Luxury Fur - Purple
Large Pins
Needle and Thread

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Step One

Start by cutting a 26 by 52 inch piece from two yards of the Luxury Fabric.  Here’s my trick for cutting luxury fur with no mess:  cut the backing with a craft knife!  Place the fabric fur side down on a cutting mat, place a ruler on the cutting line, and slice through the backing with a sharp craft knife.  This way you get an even cut without fur flying everywhere!

Fold the fabric in half, with the wrong side of the fabric facing out.  Pin the edges together.

Sew along the two long edges of the fur fabric.

Flip the pillow cover inside out.  Slide the large pillow insert into the pillow case, and use a ladder stitch to close the open edge.


Step Two

Cut two pieces of luxury fur that measure 16 by 30 inches.  We will make two tubes to cover the two arm rolls.  Use the same cutting technique described in step one.

Fold the rectangles long ways with the right side of the fabric facing out, and sew the edge shut to create a tube.  Slide the inside out tubes over the pillow inserts.

Cut a square of fur fabric to cover the end of the round pillows, and pin them in place.  Stitch around the pinned edges to attach the end of the pillow cover.  Trim off the excess fabric.  Flip the pillow cover inside out and slide it over the pillow insert.  One end will remain open.

Use large pins to attach the unsewn ends of the round pillows to the large square pillows.  The placement will depend on the size of the person who will be using the lounger.  You can place the arms closer together for a child sized lounger, or further apart for a teen or adult.  Hand stitch the arms to the body of the lounger.

Step Three

This comfy lounger can be used on the floor, on the bed, or anywhere else you need a cozy place to sit and read!