Funky Flower Pillow

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Mix and match colors and patterns of fabric from your stash to create this Funky Flower Pillow. It’s a great project for using up favorite fabric scraps and would make a perfect room accent or can be a sweet gift for friends and family. Using Poly-fil Supreme Fiber gives the flower so much dimension and a Home Elegance Pillow form fills the finished pillow beautifully.

Project Note: Hand draw an oval (between 4 – 5″ in length) to make the petal shapes. Experiment with paper first to be sure that the overall effect is what you desire for your funky flower shape.

What you need to make this project

16" x 16" Home Elegance® Pillow
Poly-Fil Supreme® Ultra Plus Fiber Fill
½ yard natural fabric
Fabric scraps in six different patterns
4 yards 3/8” pink cotton ribbon
4 yards 7/8” chartreuse cotton ribbon
8” tiny pompons trim in white
Jeweled shank button (Blumenthal Lansing “Le Boutin”)
Fabric Glue
Sewing machine and thread- natural, black
Rotary Cutter and Self-Healing Cutting Mat
Hand sewing needle
Iron and pressing surface
Fabric marking pen
Straight pins

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Step One

Use the rotary cutter and self-healing mat to cut two 17” squares from the natural fabric. Using the oval pattern you created, transfer oval to wrong side of fabric. Cut out six with scissors.

Step Two

Use straight pins to pin ovals to center of one of the 17” squares to form flower petals. Use the sewing machine and black thread to sew petals to pillow front, leaving 2” open for inserting fiber fill. Lightly stuff and sew opening closed.

Step Three

Free form stitch around petals, using uneven stitches as you go around several times. Have fun with this step!

Step Four

To form large rosette for center of flower, twist one end of ribbon and roll into a spiral at the same time. Continue, using glue every 2” to secure rosette. Continue until you reach the end, gluing end in place.

Thread hand sewing needle and thread and sew shank button in center of rosette. Center rosette as shown and sew to the pillow front.

Step Five

Place wrong sides of pillow together and sew the left, top and right sides together using a ½” seam allowance. Leave the bottom opening for turning.  Use the iron and pressing surface to steam the seams open. Turn right sides out and stuff with pillow insert.

Use the hand sewing needle, thread and whipstitch to sew the bottom closed.

Step Six

Cut 8” off of the cotton ribbon yardage for stem. Glue to pillow front with fabric glue. Glue pom poms trim to center of pink ribbon with fabric glue.

Step Seven

Use the sewing machine and thread to knife pleat the remainder of the pink cotton ribbon.

Glue the ribbon to the edges of the pillow with the fabric glue.