Fringe The Cat Basket

Categories: Kid Friendly, Costume, Halloween

What you need to make this project

oly*fun Snow White Material
oly*fun Orange Crush Material
oly*fun Jet Black

Download Pattern

Scissors & Rotary Cutter w/ Mat
White Glue & Wooden Gluing Stick
Hot Glue
Black Basket w/ Handle

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Step One

1. Begin by cutting the wavy strips using the rotary cutter and black oly*fun material. Strip sizes should vary between 1 ½” and under in width. The length at 13” gives an eerie feel to the project but strips can be longer or shorter. Begin by cutting 50 strips. The strip count will be determined by the basket size.
Note: move rotary cutter or scissors in a wavy uneven fashion to create irregular strips.

2. Hot glue the wavy strips around the basket. Overlap slightly.

3. Cut out ears, eyes, nose, whiskers and fur fringe using the patterns provided.

4. White glue the two sets of black eye bases to give strength to the finished pieces. Glue remaining eye pieces on base. Let dry.

5. Hot glue whiskers to the back of the nose.

6. Hot glue eyes on the basket slightly under the brim. Hot glue nose under eyes.

7. Hot glue hair fringe above eyes on the basket brim.

8. Hot glue ears onto to the basket brim. Glue half the ear on the front of the brim and the other half to the back leaving the slit in the center

9. Decorate basket handle with orange oly*fun bow.

10. To create other basket characters like pumpkins, ghost, or monsters simply change the color of oly*fun.