Frankenstein Duo Pillows

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What you need to make this project

oly-fun™ - Kiwi, Orange Crush, Jet Black, Snow White, Jelly, Orchid & Slate
Two 12" Soft Touch® Pillow inserts
Four 3/8 inch black buttons

Download Pattern

Thread - Black
Basic sewing, measuring, cutting and pressing tools

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Step One

Cut one 13 inch square of Orange Crush oly-fun™ for each pillow front

Using the patterns provided cut out each of the pattern pieces

Step Two

Layer the pattern pieces onto the pillow fronts in the order indicated on the pattern piece. Top stitch around the outside edges of each piece.

Stitch nose, month, eyebrows and facial accents as indicated on pattern pieces.

Sew buttons in place.

Step Three

Cut two 13 by 8 inch rectangles. With right sides up, turn under 1 inch along the right edge of one piece and the left edge of the second piece. Stitch.

Step Four

Layer the two pieces on top of each other, overlapping the two stitched ends and cover with the pillow front, right sides together. Stitch around the outside edges using a ½ inch seam.

Step Five

Turn right side out and press on low heat with a pressing cloth.

Insert pillow form