Forest Frolics Baby Bibs

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Absolutely nothing smells sweeter than a brand new baby. To keep them smelling sweet, sometimes a bib might come in handy for those little mishaps. With all of the wonderful themed prints available, you will most likely spend more time choosing the right fabric than it takes to sew one or perhaps even two of the Forest Frolics Baby Bibs. They are perfect for gift giving or just having on hand when let’s face it – life gets a little messy.

What you need to make this project

Cotton Print Fabric - two fat quarters per bib
Shield moisture barrier fabric
Nature-Fil™ Bamboo Blend Batting
Mini Anorak Snaps by Dritz® - 1 1/2 sets per bib

Download Pattern

Sewing Machine
Basic sewing, pressing, cutting & measuring tools and supplies

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Step One

Using pattern provided; cut out one each from the cotton prints, Nature-Fil™ batting and Shield moisture barrier. Note: A complete set of step by step diagrams has been provided. Forest Frolics Baby Bibs Diagrams

Step Two

Place the batting on a flat surface and cover with the Shield moisture barrier shiny side up. Top with the main print fabric right side up  then liner fabric right side down. Pin all of the layers together.

Step Three

Sew a ¼ inch seam around the outside edge of the bib leaving a 4 inch opening along the bottom edge. See Diagram A

Step Four

Trim the seam allowance to 1/8 of an inch, with the exception of the 4 inch opening. See Diagram B

Step Five

Turn right side out. Hand stitch the opening closed. See Diagram C

Stitch 1/4 inch around outside edge.

Step Six

Attach snaps following the manufacturer’s directions. See Diagram D Note: Adding the second snap on one side creates an adjustable fit
Frolic Frenzy Bib DuoA

Choosing the perfect fabric is really the amazing part of this project. I could not resist making up another set using Tweet Together by Monkey Bow for Studioefabrics.  What Fun! You will notice I also added a simple placket down the front and trimmed everything up with mini rick rack.

Tweet Together BibA