For the Love of Girlfriends

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Having a girlfriend or even better yet a group of girlfriend’s just makes life easier. Someone to talk to that just gets you from the first word out of your mouth. Girlfriends need be shown that they are loved on Valentine’s Day just like everyone else.  In fact they need love all year round so don’t just wait for Valentines Day to let them know you care.

What you need to make this project

Soft and Toasty cotton batting
Stick fusible web
plain white dish towel
fabric with printed block designs
¼ yard coordinating of fabric (A) for ruffles and strips
1/8 yard coordinating fabric (B) for strips
basic sewing, cutting and ironing supplies

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Soft & Toasty™ Natural Cotton Batting 45″ x 60″


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  • For the Love of Girlfriends

Step One

Hot Pad Instructions

Cut out fabric squares of your choice. Cut 2” strips from Fabric A and 1” strips from Fabric B. Note: the size and number of strips should be adjusted depending on the fabric square chosen and finished hot pad size desired.

Step Two

Using ¼ inch seams, stitch 1 inch strips to the left and right side of the square. Press the seams towards the strips and trim ends even with the square. Repeat; sewing and trimming strips to the top and bottom edges of the square.

Step Three

Stitch 2 inch strips to the square in the same manner as in step B.

Step Four

Measure the stitched square and cut a backing from Fabric A as well as two pieces of Soft and Natural batting. Place the stitched square on a flat surface right side up and cover with the two layers of batting and the backing fabric right side down. Pin well

Step Five

Stitch using a ½ inch seam and leaving a 4 inch opening along one side. Turn corners to remove excess bulk. Turn right side out and press. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Top stitch through all layers of the fabric and batting.

Step Six

Dish Towel Instructions:

Use the stitch ripper to open the bottom, hemmed edge of the dish towel. Press seam flat. Cut a strip 6 inches wide across the width of the fabric A (44/45 inches). Turn under each of the short ends ¼ inch twice and press. Top stitch. Repeat to create a hem along the bottom edge of the fabric strip. Sew two rows of gathering stitches across the top edges of the fabric strip.

Step Seven

Pull the gathering threads and pin the fabric strip to the bottom edge of the dish towel. Stitch using a ¾ inch seam. Press the seams towards the top of the dish towel.

Step Eight

Cut a 1 ½ in strip from Fabric B. Turn under each side edges ½ inch and press. Cut a strip of stick ½ inch wide and using a non-stick pressing cloth, press the strip of stick to the back of the fabric strip, covering the raw edges. Press the fabric strip to the front side of the dish towel, slightly above the stitched line. The fabric strip should wrap around the back of the dish towel. Trim excess leaving enough to turn under the raw edge. Press. Top stitch along the top and bottom edge of the strip.

Step Nine

Cut out the fabric square design of your choice. Cover the back of it with Stick, following the manufacturer’s directions. Turn under the raw edges and press. Center the square along the bottom edge of the dish towel over the fabric strip added earlier. Press, then topstitch around all edges of the block.

Step Ten

Cut a 1 inch strip from Fabric A. With right sides together, stitch down the length of the strip using a ¼ inch seam. Turn right side out and press. Tie a bow to the center of the strip. Pin the bow over the fabric strip at the center point on the dish towel and extend the strip ends along the fabric strip. Pin. Top stitch along the length of the bow strips; ending approximately 3 inches from the dish towel edges. Trim away excess and turn under the raw edges of the bow strip before stitching.