Football Party Crafts

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Are you ready for some football? Use Oly-Fun fabric to quickly and easily create football themed table decor. This is a kid-friendly activity and would be great for Superbowl and birthday parties!


What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun Craft Pack Hot Fudge
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Snow White
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Jet Black
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Clover
Chalk Marker
Hot Glue Gun
Various Containers

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Step One

Table runner Instructions:

Cut a length of Oly-Fun to fit your table.

Use a ruler and a chalk marker to make the line marks on the fabric.

Use a stencil to mark the numbers on the fabric.

table runner 1

Step Two

Napkin holder Instructions:

Cut a piece of black fabric to cover the container. Hot glue it onto the container.

Cut one inch wide white strips. Hot glue them onto the container. I doubled the strips to provide better coverage.

ref 1 ref 2

Step Three

Centerpiece Instructions:

Cut a piece of Oly-Fun to fit around a round plastic tub.

Hot glue the fabric to the top edge of the container, to make a “skirt” around it.

Cut one inch pieces of Snow White Oly-Fun, and double them up. Hot glue them onto the front of the container to make the ball’s laces.

Use the container as a beverage holder or as a centerpiece.

To make a centerpiece, fill the container with a styrofoam ring, add moss over the ring, then fill the center of the ring with flowers and other football themed items.

centerpiece 1

Step Four

Football Lantern Instructions:

Cut a 4″ by 6 ” piece of Oly-Fun fabric.

Fold it in half long ways.

Cut several slits along the fold.

Open the fabric and straw the “laces” with the chalk marker.

Hot glue the ends together to make the lantern shape. You may need to fold and hot glue one of the back pieces to make the lantern shape more apparent.

draw lantern cut lantern