Foldover Clutch with Support

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The perfect clutch for an afternoon wedding. Create in the fabric of your choice and you will be unique and prepared with everything you might need carefully tucked into the zippered or divided pockets.

What you need to make this project

Cotton Fabric – The Sweet Life/Pat Sloan for moda fabrics (three Fat Quarters)
Support sew in foam stabilizer
Snap Fastener – One Size 10
Half Ball Cover Button by Prym Consumer USA – One Size 75
Ribbon ¼ inches wide – 8 inch length

Download Pattern

Sewing Machine
Basic Sewing, Cutting, Measuring, Pressing tools & supplies

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Step One

Cut out the pattern pieces using the patterns provided being sure to follow the instructions very carefully.

Step Two

Fold the small pocket in half lengthwise and top stitch along the folded edge

Step Three

Turn under the top edge of the larger zippered pocket ½ inch and press. Place the zipper along the fold and using the zipper foot on your machine stitch the zipper in place.

Step Four

Lay the small pocket on top of the large pocket and mark a line down the center. Stitch along the marked line.

Step Five

Lay the clutch lining face up on a flat surface and cover with the outer lining & pockets which are also face up. Baste around the outside edge.

Step Six

With right sides together, pin the main fabric and lining together. Stitch around the outside edge using a 3/8 inch seam leaving a 4 inch opening along the one side above the zipper.

Step Seven

Trim the seams to ¼ inch above and below the opening.

Step Eight

Turn right sides out carefully so as not to stretch the opening. Insert the Support and manipulate it so that it lies perfectly flat next to the seam line.

Step Nine

Hand stitch the opening closed.

Step Ten

Top stitch close to the outside edge and then again 3/8 inch in from the first row of stitching.

Step Eleven

Follow the manufacturer’s directions to a cover the button. Stitch button to the front of the clutch.

Step Twelve

Stitch snap to the inside of the clutch. Fold the ribbon in half and insert into zipper tab.