Foam and Fabric Doors

Category: Decor

Put removable “doors” on your Ikea storage unit to hide the clutter.

What you need to make this project

Ikea Shelf
Rigid Tiles

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Project Foam 24″ x 72″ x 1″ thick


Price: $29.99

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Step One

Cut the fabric into pieces that are 25 inches by 18 inches.

Cut the Project Foam into 13 inch squares.

Step Two

Place the fabric right side down on your work surface. Set the Project Foam on top, and back it with the Foamology tile.

Step Three

Remove the backing from the Foamology tile, and fold the fabric over the foam square, as if you’re wrapping a present. The sticky backing will hold the fabric in place.

Step Four

Sew a button to the fabric front, and glue an embellishment on if desired. This will be the “knob” for the panel.

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