Fleece Bean Bag Body Pillow

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This fleece body pillow is stuffed with Poly-Fil Bean Bag Filler and Poly-Fil Supreme Ultra Plush Fiber-Fil. The size makes it great for laying against on a bed, or along on a floor. I used 1 and 1/2 bags of filler, which makes a stiff pillow. For a squishier pillow, you’ll probably only need 1 – 1 1/4 bags of filler. This pillow has an inner cotton tube which contains the filler. A layer of Poly-Fil Ultra Plush, provides extra softness. The outer layer is a patterned fleece that coordinates with my bedding. I love warm snuggly fabrics, which is why I chose fleece. If you prefer cotton, I suggest using the Poly-Fil Extra Loft Quilt Batting instead of the Poly-Fil Supreme Ultra Plush Fiber Fil. This will create a smoother layer for the thinner fabric. The size can be increased or decreased to your liking.

What you need to make this project

2 - Poly-Fil Bean Bag Filler 2 1/2 pound Bag
Poly-Fil Supreme Ultra Plush Fiber Fill 5 pound Box
1 1/2 yard Patterned fleece
1 1/2 yard Black cotton
Black thread
Straight pins
Hand sewing needle
Sewing machine
A table
Another person

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Step One

Fold the black cotton in half lengthwise. Pin all 3 sides, if desired. At the sewing machine, straight stitch around all 3 sides about 1/2 from the edge. Leave a 6″ opening at the end. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the stitching. Turn the tube inside out. This creates the cotton tube to hold the bean bag filler.

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Step Two

Filling the cotton tube works best if you have a friend to help you start and control the flow of the beads. If you don’t have someone to help, there will be a mess…speaking from experience here. Lay the bag on a table with a corner hanging over. Have your friend hold the cotton tube opening wide. Insert the bag corner into the tube. Carefully cut along the bag corner. The bean bag filler will spill freely into the cotton tube. To increase the flow, you can lift up the bag front with your arm. This step takes the longest. Stop filling when you can’t get any more filler from the bag.

If you feel your tube needs more filler, add some from the 2nd bag in the same manner. You won’t need the full 2nd bag. To stop the flow of the 2nd bag, pinch off the hole and lift the bag up. Tie the hole off with a rubber band and store the filler bag in a trash bag.

  • Fleece Bean Bag Body Pillow 2

Step Three

Stand the tube up with the hole at the top. Shake the tube. Fold in the hole edges. Straight pin in place.

Step Four

Start at the edge of the opening where the previous stitching ends. Angle in the stitching, so no micro filler comes out. Straight stitch along the hole about 1/4″ from the edge. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the stitching. Set this filled tube aside for a bit.

Step Five

Pick which side of the fleece you want for the outside. Fold the fleece in half lengthwise, so the outside is touching itself. Pin the long side and one short side, if desired.

Step Six

At the sewing machine, straight stitch around one short side and the long side. Leave the other short side open. Cut the sewn corners at an angle, but not through the seam. Turn the fleece tube inside out. Poke the corner into shape, with your fingers.

Step Seven

Slip the cotton filled tube inside of the fleece tube. Make sure the long seams are on the same side.

  • Fleece Bean Bag Body Pillow 3

Step Eight

Starting the end of the fleece tube, working towards the top, use the Poly-Fil Ultra Plush to lightly stuff the space between the cotton and fleece tubes. Make sure to get all around the sides and ends evenly.

Step Nine

Fold the end edges in, like a regular seam. Pin in place every inch.

Step Ten

Thread your hand sewing needle with a long piece of thread. Match the ends and double knot them.

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Step Eleven

Ladder stitch the short side closed. This hides your stitches. When your thread is about 4-5″ long, knot off the thread. Hide your long tail by inserting your needle under your stitching, about 3″ along the seam. Push the needle up. Cut off the remaining thread.

Repeat the needle threading, stitching, knotting and tail hiding, until your seam is sewn shut. My seam took two long pieces of thread. Some people are more comfortable working on shorter lengths and that is fine. The tail hiding, helps hide those knots too.

Step Twelve

Give your pillow a big hug and squish it all over, so it adjusts to its shape. Lounge on and enjoy it!