Fantastic Beasts Easter Basket

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Character driven Easter Baskets are really popular these days and allow you to cater to the recipients specific tastes.  This fun Fantastic Beasts inspired Easter “basket” in the shape of Newt’s Suitcase will be LOVED by any Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts fan.  An occamy is a magical creature that looks a bit like a cross between a snake and a bird, and their egg shells, we’re told, are made from solid silver.  Occamy eggs play an important part in the Fantastic Beasts film, as Newt accidentally leaves one behind which leads to him meeting Jacob, one of the main characters.  At the end of the book Newt leaves a suitcase full of occamy egg shells for Jacob to find to help him in starting his own bakery business.

And the best part is, you can put the whole thing together in less than 15 minutes.

I found the fun suitcase in the home decor section at Hobby Lobby for a good price on sale.

What you need to make this project

1" Project Foam
1/2 Yard Cuddle Suede or other fabric about 2" larger than foam on each side
Decorative Suitcase
Craft Eggs
Foil Wrapped Chocolate Eggs
Silver Paint

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Project Foam 15″ x 17″ x 1″ thick – 2pc


Price: $13.99

Buy 4 and pay only $8.99 each
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Step One


Cut your 1″ project foam to fit snugly in the bottom of your case.  A good pair of scissors will work well for cutting.

Cut your piece of fabric to be about two inches bigger than your foam in each direction.  Wrap the fabric around the foam.  (I liked a loose fit because I thought it made for a softer, more luxurious look.

If you want a tighter fit, you could use hot glue to snugly attach the fabric to the back of the foam.)


Step Two

And you’ll want to be sure to fill with silver “occamy” eggs.  We wanted some decorative eggs as well as chocolate eggs.  The decorative eggs are craft eggs painted with metallic silver paint.

You can see more details about how we made our Easy Chocolate Occamy Eggs on my blog here.

Make a Newt Scamander Easter Basket inspired by Fantastic Beasts

Make a Newt Scamander Easter Basket inspired by Fantastic Beasts