Fancy Fabric Envelopes

Categories: Gifts, Kid Friendly, Bags and Totes

Make these fancy fabric envelopes whatever size or shape you want, then embellish them as little or as much as you want. Use for invitations, gift giving, party favors, or a special note to a special someone. Let your children color or paint on them. The possibilities are endless!

What you need to make this project

Assorted colors of Oly*Fun™ material
Assortment of paper envelopes
Sewing Machine
Embellishments (optional)

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Step One

Make envelope templates by carefully opening envelopes at the seams. You can steam them open or slowly roll a pen under the seam starting at the corners.

Step Two

Lay two different color pieces of oly*fun™ on a table and place opened envelope template on top. Trace around outer edge of envelope and cut.

Step Three

Pin the two pieces of oly*fun™ together and sew using ¼ inch seam allowance.

Step Four

Refold into envelope shape and glue or tack seams together. Embellish as desired

Here are some great variations to try:

1) Instead of opening the seams on the envelope you can simply slit down the two sides. Flatten out the envelope. Trace onto the two oly*fun™ sheets. Fold bottom of envelope shape back up. Pin and sew using ¼ inch seam allowance creating a pocket.

2) You can tie your envelope closed with a strip of oly*fun™ or you can sew a button to the bottom of the envelope and cut a slit on the top fold for a fancy closure.

3) You can cut one of the pieces of oly*fun™ a little smaller with a pair of pinking shears or pattern cut scissors to create a festive border.

4) You can also make no-sew envelopes. Just pick one color and skip the sewing.