Fabric Tablet Cover

Categories: Gifts, Bags and Totes

Make a quilted fabric tablet cover to wrap up and protect your electronics. Simple sewing makes it a snap to make and you will have fun choosing out the perfect piece of fabric to show off your personal style. A charm added on the cotton tie adds a little something extra!

What you need to make this project

Poly-Fil Low Loft® Batting
Fabric Fat Quarter (for outside cover)
Fabric Fat Quarter (for lining)
1" Cotton Ribbon, 39" piece
Decorative Charm
Coordinating Thread
Sewing Supplies: Sewing Machine, Straight Pins, Needle, Tape Measure

Quick Shop


Step One

Measure the tablet’s length and width. Cut the outer fabric, inner fabric and batting 2½ times the length and 1” more than the width. (For this project the tablet
measured 10” long x 8” wide so we cut the material to 25” x 9”.)

Step Two

Place the outer fabric on a flat surface printed side up. Place the lining fabric on top of the outer fabric printed side down. Place the batting on top of the liner fabric to create a triple layer. Pin together to hold fabrics together.

Step Three

Sew around edge leaving a ¼” seam allowance. Leave a 3” opening.

Turn wrap inside out. Use a chopstick to point corners. Blind stitch the side opening closed.

Step Four

Place the piece on a flat surface outer fabric side up. Fold bottom end up 10 ½”. Pin fabric together and sew using a ¼” seam allowance. Turn wrap inside out and fold top flap over.

Step Five

Cut a 36” and a 3” piece of ribbon. Place the 36” piece of ribbon over the folded flap lining one end of the ribbon with the top of the folded flap letting the rest fall down and pin at the bottom of flap leaving about a five inch tail going up. Place the charm on the 3” piece of ribbon. Knot the ribbon with the charm, trim the edges and sew onto bottom of the flap over the first ribbon attaching all ribbon to the bottom of the flap. Wrap ribbon down around the back of the wrap and tie to the tail on the front.