Explorer Baby Hats with Structure

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Protect your baby from the sun with this fun Explorer themed hat. Choose a combination of prints and gather your supplies as although we used a purchased pattern to get started we have tips and changes that might just have you designing a custom hat for the little one in your life. Structure is the perfect interfacing for this project.

What you need to make this project

McCalls Pattern number M6976
1/2 yard Cotton Print
1/4 yard Coordinating Print
1/2 yard Structure one Sided Fusible Interfacing
Four Babyville Boutique™ Snaps Size 16
Sewing Machine
Basic sewing, cutting, measuring & pressing tools and supplies

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Structure One Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 20 Yard Roll

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Step One

Although we used a purchased pattern we found after making multiple that there are a few hints that make things so a little smoother.

Step Two

Press interfacing to back of the fabric, prior to cutting out the pieces that require interfacing. As the pattern pieces are quite small, it is always easier to get a perfect cut working with a single unit rather than trying to fit two curved pieces together.

Step Three

Always, always press seams before moving to the next step. The pattern states that you should press items before moving to the next step. To achieve a professional look, this is a must.

Step Four

Be sure to measure the neck strap. When making up the pattern according to the head measurement of our model, it was discovered that the chin strap was a full 2 inches too short. Measure twice and cut once.

Step Five

Whenever in doubt about getting a smooth seam, take the time to hand baste the seam. This might seem like overkill but honestly it takes seconds and ripping out your work due to an uneven seam is just not fun.

Step Six

Use Babyville Boutique™ snaps to finish off your project. They are lightweight, easy to apply and the perfect size for this project.

Step Seven

Customized Baby Hat
Customize your hat to copy an existing hat. In this case, the shape of the top was changed from a round shape to a rounded oval. Simply trim the existing round shape, being sure that the overall diameter measurement does not change. To do this; slightly narrow the front and widen the back of the shape. Check the measurement to assure it will fit with the existing crown measurement. If needed, make slight changes to the measurement of the crown. The second change that was made was that two eyelets were inserted into the sides of the hat. A tie was threaded through the eyelets and knotted at the back. Finally the construction of the hat was changed to add bias binding along the brim and inside the hat. Doing this added weight to the inside of the crown and the brim which helps the hat maintain it’s overall shape.

Step Eight

It’s always easier to start with a pattern and then make adjustments from there. Choose a pattern that is as close to the one you are wishing to emulate. Check out the construction techniques used in the making of that hat. While some will make the process easier, there are techniques that can be too difficult or perhaps are not necessary. Choose to copy the techniques and that will give you the end result you are working towards. Above all else, have fun!