Embossed Velvet Pillows

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Elegance is guaranteed when you make these fabulous embossed velvet pillows.

The process is simple to master and the look will transform any room.

Use Soft Touch® pillow inserts or create a custom shaped pillow or sachet with Poly-fil®.

* Project Note: It is very important that ONLY red rubber stamps with at least 1/8 inch mounting cushion are used for this project. Any other stamp style might not yield the results shown here.

What you need to make this project

Soft Touch® pillows insert - choose the style and color that works with your pillow size and shape
Poly-fil® Premium Polyester Fiberfill - if making your own sachet or small pillow

Download Pattern

Acetate/Rayon blend velvet – ½ yard per 16” pillow
Red Rubber Stamps* for embossing
Spray bottle for water
¾” Ribbon – ½ yard per pillow
Cording (optional)

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The secret to making these beautiful embossed effects on velvet is using water to flatten the nap with an iron. Read through all of our instructions on the Pattern Sheet and be sure to try out the process first on a scrap before making your final project.