Easy-Sew Floor Pillow with Ties

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We typically tend to use envelope pillows for all of our homemade pillow covers. Why? They are so easy to make! We wanted to add ties to this one to make it a little “different” than the traditional envelope pillow. Also, let’s talk about oversized floor pillows for a moment. They add so much character and style to a room! You can make a statement with a few large pillow forms and some fabric. Let’s get to work.

What you need to make this project

(10) 9" long pieces Jumbo Ric Rac
Coordinating Thread
Soft Touch® Pillow 30″ X 30″
Sewing Machine
Fabric Measuring Tape
Straight Pins

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Soft Touch® Pillow 30″ x 30″


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Step One

Prepare fabric by pressing.

  • IMG 6822
  • IMG 6824

Step Two

For one pillow, cut 2 fabric pieces 31″ x 36″.

  • IMG 6831

Step Three

Place fabric right side facing down, fold down fabric 1″ on the 36″ side and press.

  • IMG 6834

Step Four

Fold fabric down on the 36″ side again, this time folding down 2″. Press.

  • IMG 6849
  • IMG 6848

Step Five

Now turn fabric over so right side is facing up.

Step Six

Now that the fabric is facing up, fold it down another 2″. Your fabric piece should now measure 31″ x 31″ with the folds. Do these steps on both pieces of fabric.

  • IMG 6854

Step Seven

Place both pieces of fabric right side together.

  • IMG 6880

Step Eight

Measure center point of fabric (15.5″), and pin first piece of rick rack to both pieces of fabric. Ric rac is placed in the hem we have created with our fabric folds (about 1″ down on the fabric).

  • IMG 6883
  • IMG 6882
  • IMG 6880
  • IMG 6878
  • IMG 6877
  • IMG 6876

Step Nine

Place the 8 remaining pieces of ric rac spaced evenly on both sides of your fabric. Placement should coordinate on both pieces of fabric as this is where you “tie” the pillow case together. **Do not take ric rac all the way to the ends of the fabric. You need 1″ to allot for a seam allowance.

  • IMG 6861
  • IMG 6859
  • IMG 6860

Step Ten

Take one of your pillow panels and topstitch as close to the edge as you can to close the opening and secure the ric rac in the seam. Repeat this step on your other panel.

  • IMG 6864
  • IMG 6863
  • IMG 6862

Step Eleven

Next, topstitch down on the 2″ seam to secure the fold you have made. Repeat this step on your other panel.

  • IMG 6888

Step Twelve

Now that ric rac and seams are secured, place both panels right side facing together. Stitch around the edges of the pillow (not ric rac side).

  • IMG 6889

Step Thirteen

Trim the 2 corners of pillow before turning pillow right side out.

  • IMG 6890

Step Fourteen

Turn pillow right side out. Insert the Soft Touch pillow form and tie ric rac ties together.


With minimal time and effort, you can have these awesome floor pillows in your creative space too. Happy sewing!