Easy Layer Cake Quilt

Categories: Bedding, Decor

What you need to make this project

Fairfield Purely Cotton Quilt Batting
1 Layer Cake or (42) 10" x 10" squares of quilting fabric
3/4 yard border fabric
1/2 yard binding fabric
4 yards backing fabric
Sewing Machine, thread, rotary cutting supplies

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Step One

First, separate your layer cake into a light pile and a dark pile. This is not an exact science, and you may have the same fabric in your light pile as your dark pile. We’re just looking for a little contrast.

Step Two

Next, alternate your layers light, dark, light, dark and stack them up neatly.

Step Three

Time to cut! Follow the cutting diagram to cut your strips. You’ll cut each strip 1 1/2″ wide. With a sharp (meaning New!) rotary blade, I can cut 6-7 layers at a time. Again, stack your layers up neatly for best results. Make your first cuts of strips H and I. Then, following the diagram, make your second cut, D and E, then G and F, and finally C and B. (Tip: put layers on a smaller cutting mat and rotate the mat to make the cuts.) As you finish cutting through a stack of layers, set them aside. Continue until your entire layer cake is cut, keeping your stacks in light/dark order.

Step Four

Now, we’re going to shuffle the layers a bit. Take the top strips from stacks B, C, F and G and move them to the bottom of their stacks. Then, take the top two layers from stack A and move them to the bottom of the A stack.

Step Five

Time to sew! Use a ¼ inch seam allowance throughout. You can approach this in one of two ways. You can sew one complete block at a time, or you can chain sew (my preferred method.) To sew one block at a time, sew pieces C and B to the sides of piece A. Press. Add pieces F and G to the top and bottom. Press and trim. (You can square to 6” at this time if you’d like.) Next add sides D and E. Press and trim. Finally add top and bottom pieces H and I. Press and trim. Square to 8”. You’ve completed a block. Make 41 more!

Step Six

To chain piece, I like to put a little note on my top piece A and my bottom piece B, just so I don’t get confused. Start as above but sew all of the strip B pieces to the side of all of the square A pieces, feeding them through your machine one after the other, without breaking the thread. After sewing, I stack them all up, keeping them connected with the thread. For the side C pieces, I start with the bottom piece A on top (this will make sense one you begin to sew.) Be sure to flip you stack of C pieces upside down, so you’re sewing the proper C piece to piece A. Sew all of the blocks. Keeping the blocks in order, snip apart and press. Now you’re ready to add pieces F and G to the top and bottom in the same manor. Sew all of the F pieces to the top. Sew all of the G pieces to the bottom.. If you have all of the same fabric surrounding piece A, you know you’re doing it right! Press and trim unit to 6” square. Continue with the next round of fabrics as above. When you’re done, you’re done! 42 8” blocks completed.

Step Seven

Lay out your blocks on the floor or on a design wall, 6 blocks across, 7 blocks down. Try to alternate light and dark outer ring fabrics for some nice contrast. Play around until you’re pleased with your layout. Sew your blocks together in rows, then sew your rows together.

Step Eight

From you border fabric, cut 6 strips 4” wide x width of fabric. Measure the width of your quilt and cut border pieces to fit. (You’ll need to piece the border fabrics first.) Sew on the top and bottom borders. Press. Measure from top to bottom now and cut border pieces to fit. Sew and press.

Step Nine

Piece your backing fabric to make a piece at least 62” x 70”.

Layer quilt top with Fairfield Purely Cotton Batting and quilt back.

Baste and quilt as desired.

Cut 6 binding strips 2 ½” wide x width of fabric and join. Bind quilt.

You’re finished! Enjoy your new quilt!