Easy Cuddle Strips Valentine Quilt

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What you need to make this project

2 yards American Spirit™ Luxury Blend Batting
1/3 Yard of Rose Cuddle® Red
3/4 yards Fancy Puma Soft Cuddle™ Silver/Black
1/2 yard each of 3 other different Cuddle Fabrics. We used Ziggy Soft Cuddle™ Black, Marble Rose Cuddle® in Black/Silver, Lattice Soft Cuddle™ in Snow, and all from Shannon Fabrics
2 1/2 yards Cuddle Soft Cuddle™ in Scarlet
1/3 Yard Cuddle 3 in Black for binding
Sewing Machine with Walking Foot
Lots of Pins
Coordinating Thread
Rotary Cutter and Mat or Scissors
Basting Spray (Optional)
Vacuum, preferably with hose attachment.

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American Spirit Batting™ Luxury Blend 90″ x 108″


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Step One

Simple Valentine Cuddle Quilt

These cuddle fabrics are lush and luxurious…but they produce a lot of “cuddle dust” or fuzz…so you’ll want to keep a vacuum, preferably with a hose attachment nearby to help keep the fuzz under control.  I found it easiest keep the fabric folded down the center as I was doing my cutting.

Cut the following (feel free to adjust the lengths a bit to fit the fabric you have):

  • 12″ strip of Rose Cuddle® Red
  • Two 9″ strips Ziggy Soft Cuddle™ Black
  • 10″ and 8″ strips Marble Rose Cuddle® in Black/Silver
  • 12″ and 6″ strips Lattice Soft Cuddle™ in Snow
  • 13″ and 8″ Fancy Puma Soft Cuddle™ Silver/Black with Black Cuddle 3 binding. For backing we used Soft Cuddle™ in Scarlet, all from Shannon Fabrics.

Step Two

Stitch your strips together with 1/2 inch seam allowances in this order.  You will need to use a LOT of pins…every inch or 2 inches.  If you’re new to sewing cuddle, you can find helpful tips for sewing with cuddle fabrics here.  Most likely, your fabrics will be uneven on your ending side because of slight variation in the widths of the fabrics.  Don’t worry about that!  You’ll trim it at the end.

  1. 10″ Marbled black/silver rose cuddle
  2. 9″ Black ziggy cuddle
  3. 12″ white lattice cuddle
  4. 13″ Puma cuddle
  5. 12″ Red Rose cuddle
  6. 8″ Marbled black/silver rose cuddle
  7. 9″ Black ziggy cuddle
  8. 6″ white lattice cuddle
  9. 14″ Puma Cuddle

There is NO need to iron seams when working with cuddle fabrics (or at least I didn’t.)

Step Three

Trim your top so the edges are even and square.

Step Four

Sandwich your quilt together with your quilt top facing up, your American Spirit™ Luxury Blend Batting in the middle, and your Soft Cuddle in Scarlet on the back.  I LOVE basting spray to hold my layers together for quilting.

Step Five

I quilted this on my home machine.  I just used a regular straight stitch and “stitched-in-the-ditch” because I didn’t want to detract from all of the lush embossed patterns in my cuddle fabrics.

Step Six

Cut 5 – 2″ strips of black cuddle 3 for binding.  Sew three of the binding pieces together end-to-end…these will be the binding for the two longer sides.  The binding for the shorter sides does not need to be sewn end-to- end.  For instructions for sewing a cuddle binding, see these tips.

Step Seven

And while you’ve got cuddle dust around, you just might want to make a couple of over-sized heart pillows to go with them.Cuddle-Valentine-Quilt