Easy Breezy Circle Quilt

Categories: Decor, Quilts

We call this the Easy Breezy Circle Quilt, because it really is that easy to make!

First cut out different round shapes in coordinating fabric patterns. Then the circles are fused into place using Fairfield’s Fusi-Boo fusible batting. Leave plain or embellish with topstitching — that’s your choice.

Then entire quilt is then assembled with the backing fabric using American Spirit Classic Cotton batting and bound off and quilted as desired.

We said easy breezy, didn’t we?

What you need to make this project

2 yards of American Spirit Batting, Classic Cotton
Fusi-boo Fusible Batting
45” x 60” piece of white fabric
45” x 60” piece of fabric for backing
¼ yd each of several coordinating printed fabrics
¼ yd fabric for binding
Coordinating Thread
Marking pen
Sewing Machine
Ironing board and iron
Cutting mat and rotary cutter for binding
4 different size circle templates (you can use cups, plates, and bowls; or make your own templates using a compass and a cardstock paper)

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Step One

Place a piece of Fusi-Boo batting on hard surface and place one of the printed fabric on top, right side up.  Pin together.

Trace and cut out several different size circles on fabric and batting using templates to make simple appliqués.

Repeat with other coordinating printed fabrics.

Step Two

Place white fabric on table right side up and arrange the appliqués on top of fabric to create desired pattern.

Pin circles in place.

Iron circles to white fabric following the Poly-Fuse™ batting package directions. You can add top stitching to circles if desired.

Step Three

Place backing fabric on table right side down. Place Cotton batting on fabric.

Place white quilt top on top of batting and baste or pin together.

Quilt and bind using desired method.