Dyed Batting Wall Art - DIY Canvas Art

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If you are looking for a unique way to bring color into your home with DIY art, here are 3 creative techniques for making wall art on canvas with dyed batting!  Batting is not just for quilts anymore.  You can dye it, cut it, shape and form it into extraordinary color waves of fun on canvas.  It’s a lot easier than you might think, and here’s how to make your own Dyed Batting Wall Art!

What you need to make this project

1 Large - Fairfield™ Purely Cotton™ Quilt Batting
9 Tulip One-Step® Dye Kits - Dye Colors
Aleene's® Crystal Clear Tacky Spray
Aleene's® Tacky Glue®
3 Stretched Canvas 20" x 20"
9 Zip-lock Bags or Air-tight Containers
Staple Gun
Running Water
Outdoor Clothesline

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Step One

Cut batting. Cut batting into 9 sections; 18″ x 30″

Note:  The measurements above are just the right amount of batting for your 3 canvas wall art projects.  However, the photos you’ll see here on the blog, are of batting pieces cut much larger.  We used 2 Large-size packages of Fairfield® Purely Cotton™ Quilt Batting 90″ x 108″, and cut it into 9 sections; 18″ x 90″ each.  The purpose of larger pieces is to use the extra dyed batting for additional projects.


Step Two

Prepare Batting.  Place folded batting in the sink and run water over it to condition the cotton and get it ready for the dye.  Saturate the batting and then carefully wring out the water.  Place the rinsed batting into zip-lock bags or air-tight containers to keep wet while you prepare the dyes.


Step Three

Prepare Dye. Follow the instructions on the Tulip One-Step Dye to get ready to dye. Basically, you put on the plastic gloves provided, add water and shake until the dye is dissolved. There’s no need for boiling water, adding salt or additives. This One-Step method gives great results with minimal prep and makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable.

Step Four

Dye the batting. Squeeze dye onto batting, being careful to saturate the cotton fibers. Cover the top of the air-tight container, or zip-lock the plastic bag. Repeat for each color of dye.

LET DYE SET 6 – 8 HOURS OR OVERNIGHT in covered containers or zip-lock bags.

Step Five

Dye the batting. Wearing disposable gloves, rinse out each of the dyed pieces of batting until the water runs clear. Wring out the batting and hang outdoors to dry and become fluffy.


Step Six

Cover the 3 canvases with blank batting: Cut un-dyed batting to cover each 20″ x 20″ canvas and wrap around the sides; 26″ x 26″ for each canvas. Spray the canvases with Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Glue, place on top of batting, then wrap around the sides and staple on the back.


Step Seven

Layering Technique: Yellow, Lime, Green – Place 3 colors of batting on top of each other. Cut waves through all 3 layers. Place on canvas in layers and glue into place, wrapping the batting around to the back of the canvas. Roll long strips of dyed batting and glue across the canvas in a diagonal pattern. Gently brush the edges of the batting to give it a more organic look.



Step Eight

 Scrunching Technique: Teal, Turquoise, Royal Blue – Place first color of batting on canvas by scrunching in half, being careful to cover the edges of the canvas to wrap to the back.  Place rolled strips of batting under the scrunched area to add dimension.  Glue into place with spray glue and scrunch the opening closed.  Add the next two colors of batting to cover the canvas, scrunching and gluing into place.  Wrap excess around to the back.


Step Nine

Tearing Technique:  Pink, Coral, Orange – Cut pieces of batting and then tear away the side to create wispy pieces.  Apply to canvas with spray glue.  Place rolled strips of batting under some of the pieces to add dimension.  Continue to layer torn pieces in layers to cover the canvas.  Tie knots in long pieces of batting and glue across the layers to complete.


Step Ten

Finish the back.  Option: You can finish the backs of the wall art by stapling Oly-Fun to the canvas.  Staple a wire across the back of the canvases to hang on wall.

Step Eleven

As you can see, Dyed Batting Wall Art is a super fun and creative way to express yourself and add pops of color to your home decor!