Dot-to-Dot Pillows Tutorial

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These dot-to-dot pillows will be a huge hit with the kids in your life.  Cheap toys as favors for kids’ parties drive me a bit crazy, so when possible, I try to think of favors that will be enjoyed and can double for one of the party activities.  We made these as an activity and party favor for my 6-year-old’s birthday party.  These pillows were a huge hit with the little girls…and a huge hit with their moms.

These pillows are really fast and easy to put together.  You’ll use some Tulip Dual Tip Fabric Markers to transfer simple dot-to-dot patterns onto one side of your pillow.  Stitch the pillow up.  Then either stuff the pillows yourself to have them ready, or make stuffing the pillows one of the party activities.  Then set the kids loose with the fabric markers and see what they create.  I found having the basic structure of the picture gave them plenty of room for creativity, while also encouraging them to fill up the space.

Amount of fabric referenced in the instructions is for 3 pillows.


What you need to make this project

Lots of Poly-Fil( (R)
1/2 yard white cotton fabric (for 3 pillows)
1/2 Yard Bright Novelty Fabric, or several 14" squares of novelty fabric (for 3 pillows)
Tulip Dual Tip Fabric Markers - 14 piece set
Dot-to-Dot Templates
Rotary Cutter and Mat or Scissors
Sewing Machine

Quick Shop


Poly-Fil® Premium Fiber Fill 5 pound Box


Price: $36.99

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Step One

Free dot-to-dot images are widely available on the internet with a quick search.  Find one that matches your theme, and print it out.  To resize images, you can right click on the image to copy it to your clipboard.  Then paste it into a Word document (or other word processor).  Resize until it fits the whole page.

If you can’t find a dot-to-dot image that fits your theme, try looking for a regular coloring page and making your own dots.

I used this cat image, this butterfly image, and this flower image.

Step Two

Turn right side out.

Becca-Birthday-2015-008 Becca-Birthday-2015-007

Step Three

Stuff the pillows well with plenty of PolyFil®.  The kids will love stuffing their own.

015 Dot-to-Dot Pillows Stuffing

Step Four

Sew your pillow shut.  If you’re doing this at a birthday party, have another activity for the kids to work on while you do this.  (My kids were making rainbow necklaces.)

Step Five

Let the kids loose with the fabric markers to complete the dot-to-dots.

020-Coloring-Dot-to-Dot-Pil 022-Dot-to-Dot-Pillows

Step Six

Encourage them to use the fabric markers to fill in their own details once they’ve completed the dot-to-dot.

032-Color-Dot-to-Dot 028-Coloring-Dot-to-Dot Becca-Birthday-2015-045

Becca-Birthday-2015-049 Becca-Birthday-2015-048 Becca-Birthday-2015-042

Step Seven

Step back and admire them in all their rainbow goodness.

Becca Birthday 2015 059


Dot-to-Dot Pillows