DIY Oly*Fun Tassel Earrings

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These tassel earrings use Oly*Fun, which is a fabric, but cuts like paper and doesn’t fray. I chose Jet Black, but Oly*Fun comes in 18 colors. I felt they looked nicer in just one color, but feel free to mix the colors. This is a great way of using Oly*Fun scraps. This tutorial shows you how to make tassels, which can be used for many projects. You can make them any size. Add more strips for larger tassels, for a fuller look. I used silver fabric paint, but you could use any fabric paint color. Tulip soft and dimensional paints adhere perfectly to Oly*Fun, so that’s my recommended brand to use.

What you need to make this project

Oly*Fun Craft Pack in Jet Black
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Platinum
2 Silver jump rings
2 Earring hooks
A small paint brush
Jewelry pliers
Wax paper

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Step One

Cut the Oly*Fun into 20 strips 9″ by 1/4″. I just eyed the width while cutting. Set two strips aside.

  • DIY OlyFun Tassel Earrings step 2

Step Two

Place 18 strips on wax paper. Paint closely spaced stripes on each strip, using the small paint brush and silver fabric paint. Let dry completely.

  • DIY OlyFun Tassel Earrings step 3

Step Three

Flip the pieces over. Paint dots on the back, using the silver paint and round end of the brush handle. Let dry completely.

Step Four

Divide the pieces into two stacks of 9. I arranged the pieces, so all the stripes were pointed outwards. Fold the stacks in half and crease with your fingers.

Step Five

Widely open both jump rings using the jewelry pliers.

Step Six

Slip one jump ring onto the folded section of one stack. Close the jump ring with jewelry pliers. Repeat for the other jump ring and stack.

  • DIY OlyFun Tassel Earrings step 7

Step Seven

Using one of the black strips that you’d set aside, tightly wrap the top of the tassel, leaving tails. Tie the tails together tightly, and double knot. Be careful not to pull too tightly, or the fabric will rip. Speaking from experience here. Repeat for the other strip and tassel.

  • DIY OlyFun Tassel Earrings step 8

Step Eight

Open one jump ring slightly, with the jewelry pliers. Add an earring hook. Close the jump ring with the jewelry pliers. Repeat for the other earring hook and jump ring.

Step Nine

When you are finished, your earring should look like this.

DIY OlyFun Tassel Earrings