DIY Nurture Nest Baby Pillow

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Babies are just the best. They are complete innocence and deserve the softest accessories we can possibly provide. Choosing the perfect fabric to create a one of a kind Nurture Nest® cover can be so much fun. Whether you choose to match their nursery or perhaps their parents personalities. Why stop at one cover. At some point the cover will need to be washed – maybe make two.

What you need to make this project

Nurture Nest® Soft Touch® U-Shaped Pillow
Giraffe Soft Cuddle Opal/White from Shannon Fabrics -
Basic Sewing, Cutting, Measuring and Pressing tools and supplies

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Nurture Nest® Soft Touch® U-Shaped Support Pillow


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Step One


Complete instructions to create your very own Nurture Nest® Cuddle cover are on the back of the packaging. Also included is a full size pattern. I found that I preferred a looser fit over the pillow form therefore used the cutting line on the pattern as my stitching line. I simply added a new cutting line to the pattern prior to cutting it out. This is a personal choice.

Step Two

Some helpful hints include;

  • Use a walking foot on your sewing machine to assure that the fabric feeds evenly when stitching. This prevents bunching and puckering.
  • Hand baste the zipper to the seam lines  prior to stitching, once again this assures an even stitching line and a more professional finish.
  • Select a stretch stitch on your sewing machine to prevent threads from breaking as the finished cover is stretched over the pillow form.