DIY Modern Bench Tutorial

Category: furniture

Turn a sturdy old coffee table into a modern, comfy seat! This chic geometric bench is perfect for a mud room or any other place where you need a smaller seating option.



What you need to make this project

5" Project Foam
Soft Touch® Neck Roll Pillow 9″ x 20″
Coffee Table
Support Soft Foam Stabilizer
Fabric: Patterned, Cuddle, Cuddle Suede
Staple Gun
Wood Boards (2)
Angle Brackets
Martha Stewart Interiors Paint

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Soft Touch® Neck Roll Pillow 9″ x 20″


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Project Foam 24″ x 36″ x 5″ thick


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Support Soft Foam Stabilizer 19″ x 8 Yard Roll


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Step One

Paint the legs and the base of the coffee table black. Let the paint dry.

Attach the angled brackets to the top of coffee table. Add the wood boards to the sides of the table and screw them in place.


Step Two

Staple the Cuddle fabric to the base of the table, next to the arm supports from step two. Staple one side of the patterned fabric down as well.

Place the foam on the coffee table top and glue it to the wood. I wanted to keep a very angular look for this piece, so I did not soften the appearance by placing batting over the foam. I put the fabric directly over the foam. Pull the fabric down tightly and staple the edges in place.


Step Three

Place the round neck pillows on the arm supports. Pull the stapled cuddle fabric over the pillow and staple it in place.

Cut circles from Support soft stabilizer and from red Cuddle Suede fabric. Fold the excess fabric over the edges of the Support circle and use a hot glue gun to hold the fabric in place. Place the circles over the open ends of the arms and hand stitch the edges of the circles to the ends of the black cuddle fabric.

Cut a strip of red Cuddle Suede fabric and fold the edges in. Staple the edging around the base of the seat. Trim off excess fabric as needed.

Add rectangles of patterned fabric to the sides of the seat (optional).