DIY Kids Craft with Oly-Fun® Snowflakes

Category: Kid Friendly

I remember making paper snowflakes as a child and decorating the windows. So, when the grandlittle ones wanted to craft with grandma…I thought of those paper snowflakes and updating them with Oly-Fun™. These Oly-Fun™ Snowflakes won’t tear and can be used year after year and the grandlittle ones will remember crafting with grandma, BONUS!!


What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun™, White, 2 - 3 yards
Tacky Putty

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Step One

Cut assorted size squares from the Oly-Fun™, that range from 2 – 3 inches up to 12 – 14 inches, just so you have a variety.

Step Two

Fold the square Oly-Fun™ in half diagonally and then repeat 3 more times.

Step Three

Cut the top edge curved or n a scallop or points and then, clip the bottom tip off.  Please note: The more you cut off the tip the larger the center hole of the snowflake will be.


Step Four

Cut one or two small sections from the folded edge and then, open and repeat the along the two exposed edges.  Open snowflake completely open.  Please note: For larger snowflakes do more cuts along the edges.




Step Five

Let your kids or grandlittle ones have fun while creating the cuts, being sure to watch them with the scissors so that they do not cut themselves.



Step Six

Once you have all your Oly-Fun™ Snowflakes cut place them on a window with tacky putty and enjoy!!