DIY I Spy Bag

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My kids need church toys, they are 2 1/2 and 4 and 1 hour of church where they have to be quiet can some days feel like pure torture for all four of us. It’s definitely hit or miss if they have a nice quiet sit in the pew Sunday or a lets get 10 million drinks from the water fountain, lay under the pew and kick it and freak out over sharing toys type Sunday. This cute little i spy bag is way more engaging that you might think and its a super simple do it yourself toy.

What you need to make this project

Quick Craft Poly Pellets Weighted Stuffing Beads
Pencil Case with clear view window and 3 ring binder holes
1″ Book Ring
1-2 dozen little items to put inside (I purchased mine in the party favor aisle at party city)

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Step One

Collect all your supplies. I purchased a lot of the little items at party city in the party favor aisle.

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Step Two

Take a photo of all the items. This is the photo I took of all the small items that were going in the bag. I placed them on a white sheet of poster board and photographed them in the light of a window to get the most clear image. Then I printed out the photo in color on my home printer- I sized it to 4×6. I laminated the photo and then punched a whole and attached it with a book ring into one of the 3 ring binder holes on the pencil case. I did that step (attaching the ring to the pencil case) last, after stitching it closed.

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Step Three

Sew it up! You might have been thinking to yourself “that looks like a huge mess waiting to happen, my three year old will unzip that thing first thing!” and that is exactly why you sew it closed so its not even a remote possibility! So after you’ve photographed your little items, pour them into your pencil case and then fill it with the poly-pellets. Fill it so its about 3/4 full, you want extra room to roll everything back and forth and to find all the items. Zip it closed and take it over to your sewing machine and sew right next to the zipper so that its not able to be opened up. Last attach the laminated photo to the binder ring to one of the 3 whole punch circles, and you’re done!