DIY Espadrilles Sandals

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These fun DIY shoes are easy to make and add a nice pop of color to any outfit.

What you need to make this project

Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing
Dritz Espadrille Kit: Soles and Fabric
Dritz Button Cover

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Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 40 Yard Roll

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Step One

Use Fairfield World’s Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing to adhere the shoe fabric to the lining fabric. Place the Stick interlining between the two wrong sides of the fabric and iron on the “cotton” setting until the pieces are fused together.espadrilles part 1

Step Two

Cut the pattern from the instructions that come with the Espadrille soles. Fold the pattern in half at the middle line indicated on the pattern and cut out a notch to make the “peephole” for the toes.

Step Three

Backstitch the edges of the fabric with white embroidery floss.

Step Four

Pin the fabric in place on the soles of the espadrilles. Stitch the fabric to the soles by following the instructions that come with the shoes. (It’s a basic blanket stitch.)

espadrilles part 2

Step Five

Pinch the center of the fabric together to make a butterfly like shape. Pin it in place and stitch the fabric together.

Step Six

Use a Dritz cover button kit to make a button for each shoe. Use the included template to cut a circle from the fabric, fold it ever the button, and snap on the backing. Sew the button onto the shoe.