DIY Cuddle Suede Flower Keychain

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Create a beautiful keychain for yourself or as a gift! You’ll never lose your keys again with this bold, beautiful design.

What you need to make this project

Stiffen Fusible Interfacing

Download Pattern

Cuddle Suede Fabric
Dritz Button Maker
Dritz Fashion Swivel Hook
Embroidery Floss

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Stiffen Double Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 10 Yard Roll

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Step One

Print and cut out the template. Trace the pieces on Cuddle Suede Fabric and cut out.

keychain 1

Step Two

Trace the circle portion of the key chain on the Stiffen interfacing, and cut it out. Trim it so it is slightly smaller than the key chain.keychain 2

Step Three

Use the template that comes with the button to cut the suede fabric circle. Stretch the fabric over the button and push the back in place. (Note: if you do not have the button maker you can use the circle in the free template instead to finish the flower.)

Step Four

Arrange the flower pieces on the fabric. Stitch the center of the flowers onto the key chain, then top it with the button made in step three.

Step Five

Slip the key chain component onto the fabric. Place the Stiffen interfacing between the two fabric halves and stitch the edge closed with embroidery floss. I used a blanket stitch.

keychain 3