DIY Applique & Embroidered Tea Towels

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Who says drying dishes has to be done with a plain tea towel? With the addition of rows of pom pom trim and lace, fusible applique cut outs and simple embroidery stitches you are on your way to sprucing up what might be seen as something plain and boring. They make fun house warming and shower gifts as well.

What you need to make this project

Stick Fusible Interfacing
Cotton Fabric Scraps
Tea Towels or Fabric to Make your own
Assorted Pom Pom and Lace Trimmings

Download Pattern

Sewing Thread
Embroidery Thread & Needle
Sewing Machine
Non-Stick Pressing Cloth
Basic Sewing, Cutting, Measuring , Pressing Tools and Supplies

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Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 40 Yard Roll

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Step One

Using a stitch ripper, remove the hem along the sides of the towel. Note: only remove stitching in areas where you intend to add rows of trim.

Step Two

Measure across the width of the towel, and cut lengths of trim using this measurement.

Step Three

Using a ruler and a marking pen, draw lines across the width of the towel, perpendicular to the hemline to indicate where trim will be attached.

Step Four

Lay trim along the drawn lines and stitch using a coordinating color of thread.

Step Five

Stitch trim along the bottom edge of the towel.

Step Six

Refold, press and sew the side seams back into place.

Step Seven

Press Stick to the back of the fabric. Note: You will need to place a non-stick pressing cloth over the Stick to prevent it from melting on your iron. Note: Never touch the surface of your iron directly to Stick.

Step Eight

Using the patterns provided, trace design elements onto the fabric and cut out.

Step Nine

Press fabric cut outs onto the surface of the tea towel, centering them in a pleasing manner.

Step Ten

Using a blanket or overcast stitch on your sewing machine, sew around the outside edges of each cut out.

Step Eleven

Embroider around the outside edges of the images using two strands of embroidery floss. A chain or back stitch was used for the project design. Add additional embroidery to the images as desired. Sew buttons to the front of the coffee cup.