Diving Witch's Legs

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As you can see with these Diving Witch Legs, Halloween witches have a tendency to get into just a touch of trouble here and there. Sometimes those brooms have a mind of their own

Combine them with the Witch’s Hat for some humorous decor.

You can also change your fabric and make Christmas Elf legs or Leprechaun legs for St. Patrick’s Day.

What you need to make this project

½ yd. Black fabric
½ yd. Orange fabric
Crafters Choice Fiber Fill
2 - 9" x 3" Pieces Burlap fabric
2 Wooden Dowels 18" long and ¼" thick

Download Pattern

Glue Gun
Sewing machine
Basic sewing supplies

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Step One

Fold the black fabric together with right sides facing in and use the bottom of the template to cut out two boots (Front and back together)



Step Two

Repeat for the top of the legs with orange fabric. You will need four pieces of orange fabric. Sew the orange legs to the top of the black boots.



Step Three

Sew two layers right sides together using a 1/4 inch seam and leaving the end open. Turn right side out and press carefully. Repeat to create the second witch leg.



Step Four

Fill each of the  Diving Witch Legs with Crafter’s Choice Fiber Fill. Use small amounts, being sure to fill the pointed toe area. Using long handled tweezers or a narrow dowel rod might make the job easier.

Insert the dowel rod into the witch leg, shifting the fiber fill as you press the dowel down into the leg, leaving 8″ of the dowel rod extending from the top of the leg. Remove the dowel rod, cover the bottom edge with glue and re-insert. Wrap the top edge of the witch leg with thread and tie a knot encasing the dowel rod within the witch leg.


Step Five


Fray the piece of burlap by pulling out the threads on the long edge and hot glue to the top of the black boot area with the fringe facing up. Trim


Step Six