Diving Elf Legs for Christmas Decor

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As you can see with these Diving Elf Legs, Christmas elves have a tendency to get into just a touch of trouble here and there. Let’s hope this little guy is simply adjusting the presents under the tree. These easy to create elf legs will be sure to bring smiles to all who witness their possible mischief first hand. Create one set or perhaps a trio. You can also change your fabric and make Halloween witches legs or Leprechaun legs for St. Patrick’s day.

What you need to make this project

Cherry Pop oly-fun*
Crafter's Choice® Poly-Fil fibre-fill

Download Pattern

White grosgrain ribbon - 1/4" wide
Marabou fur trim
Pompoms and a Wooden Dowel Rod - 1/4 inch thick x 18" long
Fabric glue
Sewing Machine, Iron and Basic sewing supplies

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Step One

Following the directions of the pattern, add 8 1/2 inches to the bottom edge of the pattern. Cut out four pieces from the Cherry Pop oly-fun*. The diagrams and pattern are included in the pdf file attached. diving-elf-legs

Step Two

Sew two layers right sides together using a 1/4 inch seam. Turn right side out and press carefully. Repeat to create the second elf leg.

Step Three

Fill each of the  Diving Elf Legs with Crafter’s Choice® Poly-Fill Fibre-fill. Use small amounts, being sure to fill the pointed toe area. Using long handled tweezers or a narrow dowel rod might make the job easier.

Step Four

Glue ribbon and rick rack to the elf legs using the diagram and project photos as a guide to placement.

Step Five

Insert the dowel rod into the elf leg, shifting the fibre-fill as you press the dowel down into the leg, leaving 8″ of the dowel rod extending from the top of the leg. Remove the dowel rod, cover the bottom edge with glue and re-insert. Wrap the top edge of the elf leg with thread and tie a knot encasing the dowel rod within the elf leg.

Step Six

Glue marabou fur trim to the top edge of the elf legs and pompoms to the toes.