Di$count Univer$e Inspired OlyFun Eye Clutch

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This Di$count Univer$e Inspired OlyFun Eye Clutch is a stylish way to add color and spookiness to your accessories. Ever since seeing Di$count Univer$e‘s Fall/Winter 2015 collection, I’ve wanted to make an inspired version of their evil eye clutch bag. I’ve been working with OlyFun a lot lately, playing with making high fashion and artistic accessories. With Halloween season full on in my brain, this was the perfect excuse…as if I needed one…to bring this bag to life in my own way. I went with a pastel coloration, inspired by a lot of Japanese fashionistas and pastel loving artists I’ve been following on Instagram. OlyFun cuts like paper and doesn’t fray, making it a great no-fuss fabric for this project. Though it’s not sparkly like the Di$count Univer$e bag, it’s a contrast and design that I think Elsa Schiaparelli and Man Ray would enjoy. Head over to my website, Crafty Lady Abby, to make your own Di$count Univer$e Inspired OlyFun Eye Clutch.

What you need to make this project

Jet Black OlyFun Craft Pack
Sea Green OlyFun Craft Pack
Snow White OlyFun Craft Pack
Bubblegum OlyFun Craft Pack
Orchid OlyFun Craft Pack
Black thread
Spearmint thread
Bright Rose thread
White thread
Lilac thread
Lavender hook and loop tape
2 round objects of different sizes
White pencil
Regular pencil
Regular scissors
Small scissors
Dressmaker straight pins
Sewing machine

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