Designer Garment Bag with Oly-fun™­

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Storing your clothing items so that they remain clean, pressed and ready to go the next time they are needed is important. Storing them in something pretty or perhaps designed specifically for a special occasion piece of clothing is the next step. With step by step instructions as well a full set of diagrams, creating your very own personalized clothing storage can be sew simple using oly-fun™

What you need to make this project

oly-fun™ - Snow White - 2 yards
oly-fun™ - Sea Blue - scrap (optional decoration)
oly-fun™ - Bubble Gum - scrap (optional decoration)
oly-fun™ - Kiwi - scrap (optional decoration)
stick - fusible web
Zipper - 60 inches
Sizzix® Big Shot® die cutting machine & assorted dies (optional decoration)
Clothes Hanger ,Paper and Pencil (to be used to create pattern)
Basic Sewing, Measuring, Cutting & Ironing Supplies

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  • Designer Garment Bag with oly-fun™

Step One

Lay a hanger on top of a piece of paper and draw around the top edge of the hanger to  just beyond the curve. Draw a second line 1 inch beyond the first drawn line along the top edge and 2 inches at the curve.  See Diagram A

Note: All diagrams are contained in the attached pdf document.

Step Two

Lay the paper pattern on top of the oly-fun, which has been folded in half. Measuring from the center top edge of the garment bag pattern, place a mark at 68 inches. Draw a line perpendicular to the top edge of the pattern at this mark.  Draw a straight line down from the edge of the pattern directly onto the fabric along each side. Cut out two layers of oly-fun™.  See Diagram B

Step Three

Fold the front section in half lengthwise and cut along the folded line. Turn under each of the cut edges 1/4 inch and press carefully. Sew the zipper to either side of the center front of the garment bag.  See Diagram C

Step Four

Measure the distance from the base of the zipper to the bottom edge of the fabric. Cut a rectangle of oly-fun™ using this measurement plus 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch. Turn under the top edge 1/2 inch and each of the sides 1/4 inch, press carefully. Place the rectangle over the bottom edge of the zipper, covering the opening and top stitch along to the top and side edges.  See Diagram D

Step Five

With right sides together, stitch the bottom seam using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Press the seam to one side and top stitch to secure.  See Diagram E & F

Step Six

Cut a 1″ wide strip of oly-fun™ and fold in half lengthwise. Encase the top edges of the garment bag fronts, covering the top edge of the zipper and stitch. Trim away excess oly-fun™  Repeat to encase the top edge of the garment bag back section. See Diagram G

Step Seven

With right sides together, stitch the side seams using a 1/4 inch seam.  See Diagram H

Step Eight

Fold the bottom edge of the bag so that the bottom seam is aligned with the side seam forming a point at the corner. Measure 2 inches from the tip of the point upwards and mark a line. Stitch across the marked line. Repeat for the opposite side of the bag. Trim 1/2 of an inch away from the stitched lines if desired. This creates a flat bottom. See Diagram I

Step Nine

Cut a 1 inch by 60 inch strip of oly-fun™. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Fold each of the outside edges in towards the crease and press once again. Top stitch down the center of the strip. Fold in half and sew to the center seam along the bottom edge of the garment bag. See Diagram J

Step Ten

Following the manufacturer’s directions, apply fusible web to the back of oly-fun™. Use the Sizzix® Big Shot® die cutting machine and assorted dies to cut out appliques. Apply the appliques to the front of the garment bag and fuse in place.