Denim Bench with Faux Fur Cover

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Two looks in one. You can renew or up-cycle any bench into this denim bench with a optional faux fur cover using our easy to follow project instructions. This pattern can be adapted for any bench or ottoman in your home or your latest flea market find.

What you need to make this project

1 Soft Support Cushion Foam 36" x 22" x 4"
Cushion Wrap
1yd. Prismatic in Navy Soul Mate Amy Butler/Free Spirit
1yd. Denim Fabric DL-830-
1yd. Curly Yak Fur Rosewood- Shannon Fabrics
Fabric Glue
Scotch Super 77 Adhesive

Download Pattern

Fiskars Razor Edge 8” Scissors
Staple Gun

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Cushion Wrap 30″ wide by 10 ft


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Soft Support Foam 36″ x 22″ x 4″ thick


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Step One

If applicable remove existing trim from bench using a pair of needle nose pliers.

Step Two

Peel back the layers and throw old materials.

Step Three

Wipe seat area clean.

Step Four

Turn bench over onto the piece of foam. Trace the shape of the bench top onto the foam using a marker. Remove bench.

Step Five

Cut foam shape using scissors. Place cut out shape onto bench. Adjust the fit of the foam on the bench by cutting away any excess foam.

Step Six

Protect surfaces around the bench then remove foam and spray top area with Super 77 spray adhesive.  Place foam back on the bench. The spray glue will hold the foam in place.

Step Seven

Place Cushion Wrap over the foam.  Leave 1” overage of batting on all sides. Cut to size. Remove batting. Spray foam with Super 77 adhesive. Place batting onto foam, be sure to position batting down accurately.

Step Eight

Staple Cushion Wrap in place with staple gun. Pleat corners. Trim off excess Cushion Wrap.

Step Nine

Place cut piece of denim fabric over batting. Staple in place using staple gun. Tuck fold each corner. Staple in place.

Step Ten

Trim off excess denim material with scissors.

Step Eleven

Create the trim by folding the material in thirds.  Fold the remaining edge over to form a neat trim. Iron trim to hold folds in place.

Step Twelve

Using fabric glue, adhere the trim around cushion edges to hide staples.

Step Thirteen

To create the fur cover, measure the cushion length, width and depth. Add additional length so fur cover drapes slightly over the benches legs. Follow the cutting instructions and cut the fur cover to size. Fluff fur by lightly shaking. Place over cushion.